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Top 10 agriculture startups in India

India is the second largest food producer in the world and agriculture contributes almost 20.09% of Indian GDP. India is famous for its different agriculture products and every year the country makes huge export of agricultural commodities like Rice, cereals, spices and more.
The country has made huge growth in farming using advanced technologies and recently many start-ups are growing in the agricultural sector. Let’s check Top 10 agriculture startups in India which are really making noticeable contribution to the Indian economy.

Top 10 agriculture startups in India

1. Aibono

Aibono has emerged as one of the leading AI powered service provider for the farmers in India. The founder of the company, Vivek Rajkumar has developed this tool that farmers can use in designing and developing their agricultural planning. Developing this online portal is no doubt a great innovation in agriculture. The company started its journey in 2014. The experts of the company mainly focus on AI & Data science, Realtime Supply Chain, and Seed-To-Plate. To date the company has made an overall revenue approx $1.14M.

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2. Apna Godam

Among top Agritech start-ups, Apna Godam has emerged another reliable agriculture entrepreneur that helps in warehousing facilities along with online commodity trading. Both farmers and buyers can take help of this online platform in trading wide range of agricultural products. The legal name of the company is Singodwala Warehousing and Logistics Private Limited. The establishment started its journey in the year 2016. The core team members are Sanjay Agarwal, founder of the company and Rekha, co-founder of the company.

3. Freshji

With the advancement in the field of technology, Indian farming system has made excellent development in organic farming, Freshji is a popular name offering reliable platform in trading nature-friendly agricultural products. At present, Freshji brand is operating B2B model, and it’s prime focus is to supply organic products to different corporate sectors.

4. Muktifresh

The ministry of agriculture & farmers welfare is encouraging farmers in producing organic agricultural products. Following this, many organizations are launching online platforms to trade in different nature-friendly agricultural products. Muktifresh has launched online platform so that farmers and marketers can deal in organically grown products. The organisation is maintaining affordable price for all types of products so that buyers can easily buy the items.

5. Healthybuddha

Today, different organic e-stores are in huge demand and among them Healthybuddha is a popular name. This online platform offers great deals in selling products including agriculture seeds, fresh fruits, vegetables, and more. The founder of the company, Gautham PB started Healthybuddha in 2014 with Anurag. He got inspiration in organic farming from his father. He quit his high-paid job and established Healthybuddha. The company also aims to educate farmers across the country in growing crops without using pesticide sprayer.

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6. AgroStar

AgroStar is a popular name in the agricultural sector. The company was established in 2013 with an aim to help Indian farmers to grow better in the agricultural sector. Using this application, farmers can learn more about their farm implements. The aim of this agro tech organization is to support farmers in increasing their yeilds by 30% to 100%. Farmers can also get excellent ideas to reduce expenses and earn more. AgroStar has also emerged as an advance platform that will help farmers to sell their products globally.

7. Farm2Fam

Many farmers are still not aware of using their farming land for organic farming purposes. Here is Farm2Fam that supports local farmers in producing chemical free organic and fresh berries. The co-founder, Keya Salot quit her lucrative job as Lawyer and started pursuing her dream as organic farmer. Besides being an organic farmers, she also guides others farmers in producing fresh berries.

8. Khetigaadi

Farmers always require advance machineries for farming their agricultural land. The reputed online platform Khetigaadi offers advanced tractors and other machineries for easy farming. Buyers, sellers and manufacturers can communicate between themselves and meet their requirements. The aim of this online platform is to educate farmers about using the right technology in farming. The company also ensures that the machineries available here can enhance the efficiency and will also aid in financial savings.

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9. Ninjacart

Ninjacart has become another major organization among top agricultural startups in India. The company started its journey since 2015 with an aim to provide better life to the citizens in India and abroad. The mission of the company is to become the most trusted and advanced organisation in agricultural commodities. The company focuses on growing networks across the globe and no doubt this will be a great support for farmers and agricultural traders.

10. Bighaat

Another most trusted online agricultural shop is Bighaat. The organisation started its operations in 2015. The experts engaged in the company focus on implementing advance strategies and technicalities to support farmer across the country. Farmers will get the necessary crop guidance and can access high quality agricultural inputs for advance farming.


Top 10 agricultural startups in India- A Summarized Table

Company Name

Established on

Founder/Co-founder/ CEO

Additional Information



Vicek Rajkumar

AI power generated online platform for trading fresh fruits and vegetables.

Apna Godam


Sanjay Agarwal

Offers hassle free services in online booking, inventory management, logistic management, IVR system, quality management, and online trading.




Krishnendu Parui

Involves in trading organic products in different corporate sectors.




Debabrata Halder

One stop trusted online platform for organically grown vegetables.




Gautham PB and Anurag Dalmia

Aims to deliver fresh, nature-friendly and chemical free agricultural commodities to the urban dwellers.





Shardul Seth & Sitanshu Sheth

Farmers can gain advanced knowledge on agriculture and can procure hi-tech farm inputs.



Keya Salot

Produce organic berries and support local farmers in farming organic berries.




Pravin Shinde and Vishnu Dhas

Most reliable online platform in dealing different types of agricultural products.




Thirukumaran Nagarajan

Offer great assistance from supplying of agricultural products from farmers to shops.



Sateesh Nukala

Provides excellent assistance to increase farm yield and helps in overall improvement in agricultural ecosystem.


Final Takeaway

 The Indian economy is largely dependent on agriculture, and the agriculture department always inspires farmers and other organizations to implement advanced technologies for development in the agricultural sector.

 The above are some top organizations that have become great supports to farmers as well as to the buyers of agricultural products. Farmers can get all-around support from all of the above organizations to grow crops hassle-free.

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