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Building a Legacy – The Story of Ajitkumar Totlani, Founder of XtraTrust

Life isn’t always about where you start, but where you choose to go. This is the essence of Mr. Ajitkumar’s journey, a seasoned leader and entrepreneur who dared to forge his route and inspire others in the process. Though a Commerce Graduate, academics were not his forte in his initial learning days, but he did embrace his passion. Growing up in a business family, the path seemed preordained – join the family venture.

Ajitkumar Totlani founder of xtratrust

However, something stirred within him, a yearning for something different, something “constructive”.  This led him to join NIIT for 3 years, which made him realize the countless opportunities in the rapidly expanding field of IT. His career began unconventionally, not in IT, but as a Sales Executive in the non-IT sector. Yet, the allure of technology remained strong. He navigated his way through different IT companies, eventually landing at GNFC Ltd in 2005. 

For 15 years, he thrived at GNFC Ltd, but a sense of incompleteness lingered. Therefore, in 2019, he took a leap of faith, leaving the comfort of his established career to venture into the unknown – entrepreneurship & pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. He collaborated with Shri Sukhbir Singh Kukreja (Managing Director) of XtraNet Technologies Private Limited and co-founded “XtraTrust DigiSign Pvt Ltd”, a Licensed Certifying Authority providing e-sign Services and Digital Signature Certificates in India. 

Simultaneously, Mr. Ajitkumar’s pursuit of knowledge persisted. To sharpen his strategic leadership skills and gain a deeper understanding of contemporary business challenges, he embarked on a journey at Indian Instituted of Management (IIM) Indore. This high-level experience prepared him to adeptly navigate the ever-changing terrain of today’s industry, ready to spearhead transformative endeavors and drive substantial growth.

His expertise extends beyond theoretical knowledge. With a demonstrated history of success in corporate development, market expansion, process optimization, and digital innovation, he cultivates new business sectors, extends market presence, and drives revenue growth. He operates in collaboration with the leaders and entrepreneurs, providing expert guidance in corporate sales, business development, and brand leadership.

 He is currently authoring a book (Untitled yet) on marketing aimed at bridging the gap between sales and marketing, enhancing connectivity with brand strategy, and addressing the critical needs of the industry. He is an avid book reader. Some of his collections highlight Start with Why, Principles, Sapiens, The Psychology of Money, The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, Man’s Search for Meaning and many more. 

Discovering his leadership characteristics. 

  • Be a Visionary and have a clear roadmap. 
  • Focus on Customers, not Competitors
  • Focus on Market Creation over Market share
  • Keep Innovation at the Center of your Business
  • Be a Lifelong Leaner

A Journey of Achievements and Milestones

His dedication and success haven’t gone unnoticed. In 2023, he received the Business Leadership Award, followed by the Visionary Leadership Award in 2024. This award also validates its commitment to navigating leaders and organizations towards an impactful journey.  Notably, XtraTrust has also garnered accolades, including “Most Promising Company” of the Year in 2023 and “Emerging Company” of the Year in 2024.

A Journey of Community Building & Knowledge Sharing

With a strong online presence and about 22,000 followers on LinkedIn, he regularly shares insightful content on leadership, management, and entrepreneurship. Some of his expertise essentially includes his lateral thinking capabilities, challenging the status quo and exploring business ideas which eventually indicates his approachable nature towards varying business conditions. In addition to his professional achievements, Mr. Ajitkumar’s story exemplifies his tenacity, vision, and relentless pursuit of personal growth. 

Evolution and Vision for the Future

He has had significant personal and professional growth during the past ten years. When he looks back, He can see that his never-ending desire to learn new things and push himself past his comfort zone has been a recurring motif.

  • Leaving the stability of GNFC in 2019 was a defining moment. It wasn’t just about starting a new journey; it was about embracing the unknown and testing his enterprising capabilities in a completely new landscape. “XtraTrust” the company he cofounded,  became his canvas, allowing him to contribute, experiment and Innovate. 
  • While entrepreneurship fueled his fire, IIM Indore provided the necessary structure and strategic insights to channel it effectively. Mr. Ajitkumar’s growth hasn’t been confined to the boardroom. He applies it in his projects & assignments and is inspired with the results. He says that it’s not just about applying what he learned, but also about paying it forward and so he finds immense satisfaction in mentoring budding entrepreneurs. Witnessing their growth and seeing how his experience is making a difference is incredibly rewarding for him.
  • The next ten years promise possibilities that are even more exciting. While building XtraTrust and contributing to the startup ecosystem is central to his vision, Mr. AjitKumar sees the next ten years also holding the exciting prospect of becoming an impact investor. His vision is to become a pivotal figure in the startup ecosystem, not just as a successful entrepreneur, but as a mentor, investor, and start-up advocate.

Message for the Budding Entrepreneurs

Mr. Ajitkumar strongly believes in “Either you are on your way or in your way”. If you have a purpose, strive relentlessly to achieve it; otherwise, you will be among the many who occupy space without purpose. Reflecting on one’s values is the foremost thing for an aspiring entrepreneur. Among others, Mr.Ajitkumar says that one should focus on purpose over profit, prioritize learning and Innovation, consider model that gives sustained growth, be persistent & resilient and give back to the community. He emphasizes the importance of developing an IKIGAI, enabling individuals to pursue their passions, create financial value, and contribute to society. He concludes with the phrase “Enjoy the journey.” 

Navigating Challenges over Time

As much as we aspire to smooth sailing, the entrepreneurial journey rarely unfolds seamlessly. Mr.Ajitkumar’s initial days are no exception. Stepping away from the established family business and designing his path brought its own set of challenges. Learning the ropes of running a business, navigating market uncertainties, and building a strong team –were just some of the hurdles he encountered. Yet, he believes that challenges can become catalysts for growth if approached with the right mindset. Every obstacle presented an opportunity to learn, adapt, and become more resourceful. It demanded resilience, strategic thinking, and a willingness to embrace the unknown.

And the journey Continues….

Mr.Ajitkumar’s story is not just about professional achievements; it’s about resilience, vision, and a constant pursuit of growth. He is a testament to the power of defying expectations and carving your own path. As he continues to lead, inspire, and contribute to the business world, one thing is certain: his journey is far from over, and the story continues to unfold, a beacon of inspiration for countless others.

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