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The secret strategies behind Zomato's success

Today, there is hardly any person who is not aware of Zomato, one of the most reliable food delivery service providers in recent times. It has captured a vast market in India’s food delivery business. Everyone needs to know the Zomato success story to understand how the company gained this huge popularity just a decade ago. 

Zomato success story

Zomato- A small introduction

The food delivery organization started its operation in 2008. The founders of Zomato, Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, launched a website to search for restaurants before the establishment of Zomtato. Later, they changed their company name to Zomato and offered dedicated services in searching for top restaurants in different places. 

The company is a popular name in the food delivery business. Zomato has been offering an on-time food delivery service since 2015. Online users can easily download the Zomato app and place an order as per their requirements. Top companies like Ant Financial, alias Alibaba and Sequoia Capital, offered excellent support to Zomato to help the company grow. 

Strategies for Zomato’s Success 

Besides being an intelligent restaurant discovery site, the company has gained massive popularity in the food delivery business. Like other companies, the company has also experienced huge growth using advanced marketing strategies. The company has developed an easy-to-use food delivery app that is largely used by customers of all ages. Zomato success story entirely depends on the advanced strategies followed by the professionals in the company. 

Proper research on Target Audience

The professionals at Zomato always pay attention to the target audience. People from urban areas mainly pay attention to targeting customers. The professionals do the necessary survey to understand the type of customers who mainly opt for online order for food. They also target those audiences who like to place orders through apps. 

Advanced digital marketing

Today, almost everyone has social media accounts, and hence, all industries are now paying attention to social media marketing. Today, customers can easily install zomato delivery app and can place online orders without hassle. The experienced technicians also do the necessary search engine optimization using the best target keywords. The company also targets audiences through video advertisements and banners. 

The company follows an advanced strategy for SEO and paid search. Customers often search for keywords like “food delivery restaurants nearby,” and SEO optimization is essential for these queries. Paid search on Google and Bing helps search for the best food delivery agency in the city. The professionals of Zomato also apply paid search to retarget the agencies who have already left the Zomato online platform. 

Instant notification

The zomato app comes with an instant notification feature. Users can get timely notifications of food and can place orders instantly. Zomato professionals confirm that the notifications are highly attractive, and customers will surely love them. The company also aims to target audiences by using push notifications for special occasions like birthdays, marriage anniversaries, etc.

E-mail marketing

At present, email marketing plays a vital role in online marketing. Perfect email marketing is helpful to make a connection between the audience and the company. Zomato professionals also follow this rule. The professionals trigger behavioural emails to target new audiences and also emphasize retention campaigns. 

Strategic Collaboration

Many leading companies have become partner with zomato. Leading companies like Uber and Paytm are in partnership with Zomato, and this collaboration no doubt delivers extra customer benefits. Customers often enjoy the benefits like cashback, discounts, etc. 

If you are a social media influencer, you can also become zomato partner as a blogger or creator. Recently, the company has started campus marketing and organized small events to attract college students. Zomato is in partnership with many banks that offer discounts and rewards to customers having credit cards. 

Effective promotional plans

Zomato’s experts draft creative plans for the proper promotion of the business. They design separate promotional plans for customers and restaurants. 

  • Promotional plans for customers– Customers can easily download the Zomato app and enjoy discounts. The company offers special discounts or free delivery to first-time users. Zomato offers Zomato Piggybank, which mainly targets high-volume users. The company also arranges special rewards for customers during IPL or other festivals. You can win special discounts by referring the app to your friends.  
  • Promotional strategy for Restaurants– If you are in search of veg delivery near me, Zomato is no doubt the best option for you. The company implement particular promotional strategies for restaurants. Zomato waives some additional fees and reduces commissions while starting a business with new restaurants. 

Key Facts to understand Zomato success story

  • The multinational online food delivery company started its journey in 2008. 
  • The founders are- Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah
  • No of listed restaurants- 1 million approx.
  • Operates in 24 countries 
  • Revenue during 2021- $0.49 Billion
  • Revenue during 2022- $0.77 Billion
  • Consolidated profit during Q3 2023-2024- Rs 138 Crore
  • Competitors – Swiggy, EatSure, JustMyRoots, etc


Zomato is the leading company in food delivery services, and despite having tough competition in the market, the company is growing well. The professionals constantly monitor the company’s weaknesses and implement accurate strategies to lead the market. 

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