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Ingenious e-Brain Solutions:

Pioneering the field of IP Intelligence with its acumen to fight future challenges

21 st century has witnessed dramatic metamorphosis with respect to its giant leap in technology. Take a boat to past, not more than twenty years, you would realize how dramatic these years have been. We have surrounded ourselves with technology. It has simply revolutionized the way we used to live. Along with the revolution in our lifestyle, it has brought some ‘can of worms’ too which have made our life highly vulnerable. The intellectual property, Intelligence.

which is considered the most valuable asset of a person, is at high risk these days. Many brilliant minds had predicted about such scenario many years back. Some of these minds gave a thought to work for the protection of people’s IP, Technology Intelligence and Business Ingenious e-Brain is one among those few companies working witha purpose to yield best in class custom research and analytics services in diverse domains. Ingenious e-Brain Solutions is a Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) firm. Under its technology, IP and BR Intelligence, it utilizes technical expertiseand artificial intelligence tools to provide informed analytics to clients helping them strategizing their business decisions. Its IP service spectrum includes patentability, invalidity, infringement, freedom to operate, landscape and patent watch searches. Under technology intelligence, it provides customized and comprehensive technology landscape reports which help clients to analyze a range of current and upcoming technologies as well as existing and emerging players active in the domain. Its technology service spectrum also includes technology scouting, forecasting, due diligence, technology licensing and portfolio analysis. Its BR service spectrum includes market intelligence, competitive analysis, market sizing, social media analytics and customer insights and surveys. Under Business Intelligence, it helps clients to gain deeper insights about competitors and target market segments to help them in making effective decisions. Its service spectrum includes market intelligence, competitive analysis, market sizing, social media analytics and customer insights and surveys.

The services are designed in accordance to the market requirements and at the same time it has also considered competitive landscape to keep the services at par with its competitors. The transparent approach and technical expertise helps it deliver informed intelligence to clients for developing, protecting, and maintaining their portfolio. Being a hub for market research entrepreneurial ventures, Indian market has intensified the competition.

The company has an upper hand among its peers by virtue of its unique service like social media analytics which is not being used by most of its competitors. Apart from this, it has capabilities to provide 360 degree view of the market by conducting IP, Technology and Business Intelligence services simultaneously.

Differentiating Factors

The company (Ingenious e-Brain Solutions) realizes the importance of information that creates an impact and helps an organization secure an edge over the competition. A balanced blend of strategic thinking, knowledge, 360 degree analysis of the technology and market, expertise and commitment helps the company in providing high quality, cost- effective and reliable solutions. This makes it the trusted partner of global law firms and companies. Current available solutions in the industry focus either on IP research or market research but the company deals with both of them at the same time.

Helping assorted setups to changing market dynamics

Alvin Bin Freview With the economy becoming more and more knowledge based, companies want to protect and multiply their investments- physical and intellectual. Businesses have become more and more protective of ideas and these are considered just as valuable as any physical products. Intellectual Property is a category that contains many intangible and non-physical goods including business ideas and concepts. IP needs to be protected from any form of unauthorized use but because of its intangibility it becomes difficult to protect. Companies are aware that the think tank within their organizations has many great ideas and they look for ways to preserve this information within their organization. Companies use a variety of resources ranging from copyrights to patents to so that they could protect their IP. People need their technology partner to help them get most out of the IP Assets. That is when companies like ingenious comes in handy. Moreover, Ingenious e-Brain tries to learn from its competitors. The company conducts in-depth research on a regular basis for analyzing the strategy of competitors, their technological advancements, research work and product updates. This helps the company in preparing its own strategy for further advancements.

Clientele includes Fortune 500 Companies

Over the years, this Gurgaon based company has been successful to gain a wide range of clients. The client portfolio of the company includes market leaders. The company assists its clients in improving their business performances to advance in new markets and help them know their opportunities and ch xpanded its capabilities in using Artificial Intelligence tools for performing search and analytics. The company is coming up with various innovative forecasting tools to provide many insights.

Milestones and Achievements

The company has achieved several milestones since its inception in the year 2012.

 The team has almost doubled in past two years including senior management and mid- management employees.

The company is increasing its global presence every year, adding approx 10% new geographies every year.

It has undergone considerable growth in revenue. The company witnessed 25% revenue growth from last financial year.

The company has expanded its portfolio to market forecasting

Future Plans

The company is looking to expand its client portfolio. It wants to increase the revenue to almost double. It is also looking to set up an office in UK. Moreover, its future plan includes setting up operations in Asia Pacific region starting with Singapore. Apart from this, it has planned to focus on data analytics as this service is also in demand from market perspective.

Key Officials

She heads the Life Science Department at Ingenious e-Brain Solutions with a big team of PhDs in Life Sciences. She has more than fifteen years of experience in Life Sciences IP, Business and Research Industry. After obtaining her PhD degree in Biotechnology, she worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. She started her professional career as a research scientist with TCGA group. She was fascinated by the by the growing IP and business industry and developed professional expertise in IP protection, technology scouting and business intelligence specializing in Cancer Biology, Genomics, Food Technology, Immunology and next generation Biotechnology.

Golden words

Ms. Tayal in a candid chat shared some valuable words which can prove very helpful to burgeoning future leaders. She says, “Knowledge keeps on expanding day by day. The more you meet new people, the more you learn. We as a company always keep on learning new tools and technologies and add them to our knowledge-base”.

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