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INFINIA SCIENCES PVT LTD- Professional Journey

Infinia Sciences has emerged as one of the most reliable research and development organization. It supports global pharmaceutical, agrochemical R&D organizations to help speed up their discovery research.

The key person of the organisation is Mrs.Prerana Patil. She is the Chairperson of the company. She is the agriculture graduate from one of the reputed University of Maharashtra affiliated to ICAR Gov of India,Diploma holder of Export Import, Banglore. She is actively involved in Chemical R&D and manufacturing.

INFINIA SCIENCES PVT LTD Prerana Patil - Professional Journey

The ISO 9001-2015 certified organization Infinia Sciences started its journey in 2020, and at present, the employee size is 48. The organization possesses a team of extremely knowledgeable scientists who provide the necessary support to the synthetic and medicinal chemistry for their Product lifecycle through research and manufacturing services. The organization also provides the support required for custom synthesis, reference standards, impurity synthesis, small library synthesis, route scouting, and process development. Infinia also offer customized services, from FTE or Full Time Equivalent to FFS or Fee for Services. 

Inspiration that leads the way to success

Mrs.Prerana Patil, the key person Infinia Sciences is a self-motivated person. She got inspiration from the success she achieved during her life and challenges. She mentioned that no particular industry or career field had inspired her.  Instead, she felt extremely inspired by the success. She believed that she would have been successful in many different career fields. She needed a drastic change in her career via new learning to control her own destiny. 

Exclusive leadership qualities

Infinia Sciences Pvt Ltd has achieved success due to the intense leadership quality of the key personalities of the organization. The leadership qualities include vision, adaptability, resilience, and the ability to inspire and empower teams. Expert leadership quality helps to access cutting-edge technologies and resources through a variety of resources. This will also help in making innovations that will make it easy to drive the future of chemical R&D by enabling companies to develop sustainable solutions and maintain competitive advantage.

Strategies or approaches to achieve success

It is imperative that the organization invests in talent and creates a culture of continuous learning by recruiting skilled researchers. A technology adoption strategy involves the adoption of advanced tools and methodologies to accelerate the Research and Development procedure. The professionals engaged with Infinia Sciences Pvt Ltd have made the necessary alignment of research efforts as per the market requirement. This is known as market alignment. The company also follows patent protection strategies to safeguard intellectual property.  Infinia has achieved the success with the help of custom manufacturing capabilities along with advanced development and process validation.  


The Synthetic laboratory is well-equipped with 5 chemical synthesis laboratories. The laboratory consists of essential equipment like Rota evaporators, overhead and magnetic stirers, driers etc. The Synthetic laboratory consists of 1 Lead scientist assisted by 8 experienced scientists.  They work on four fume hoods with one central table.

The Analytical Laboratory comes with a Mass spectrophotometer (Shimadzu LCMS 2020), Preparative HPLC (Shimadzu), HPLC (Shimadzu), Lyophilizer, Gas chromatography, and Wet analysis. 

The Pilot Plant consists of a 25 L glass lined cylindrical reactor (temp. range -70 °C to + 240 °C), scrubbing unit, Nutche filter along with 100 L glass lined cylindrical reactor (-70 °C to +200 °C); 200 L glass lined cylindrical reactor (Temp. range -70 °C to + 200 °C) – 2NOS and 20 L High vacuum distillation unit (Temp. range up to 240 °C) vacuum – 0.5 mbar.

Innovations and its role in overall success

An organisation’s growth immensely depends on implementation of advanced innovative strategies. These strategies will help in forming an environment that encourages creativity, experimentation, and collaboration. It helps every business organisation to stay ahead in the completion and resolve complex problems using advance technologies. 

Promote an open-minded and risk-taking culture where employees feel safe to share new ideas without fear of failure or criticism. This encourages in culture of innovation. The company always pays attention to allocate time and budget for innovative projects and experiments. Arranging training and development programs helps in enhance employees’ creative and problem-solving skills.

Application of Idea Management Systems and creating physical and virtual spaces that support collaboration and brainstorming are also part of innovation. Innovations also include employee empowerment by giving employees autonomy to explore and pursue innovative projects.

The organization always ensures that leadership demonstrates a commitment to innovation through actions and strategic priorities. Collaboration with external partners, such as startups, universities, and industry groups is also a part of innovation strategies.  Ensuring that diverse voices are heard and valued in the innovation process, the company has created a dynamic environment that nurtures innovation and drives continuous improvement.

Innovation differentiates businesses in crowded markets, allowing them to offer unique products, services, and experiences. Implementation of innovation strategies is the key to addressing global challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity, and social inequality. This will help organization in making necessary technological advancement in this competitive market where AI, blockchain etc are playing crucial role. 

Sustainable innovations can help businesses reduce their environmental impact and contribute to social good, aligning with increasing consumer and regulatory demands. Process innovations can streamline operations, reduce waste, and enhance productivity. Innovative business models, such as subscription services, the sharing economy, and platform-based ecosystems, will disrupt traditional industries. Innovation will enable businesses to tap into global markets and collaborate across borders. 

Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Overcoming setbacks with determination and resilience should be the prime motto of every organization. The key person of Infinia sciences pvt ltd suggests aspiring entrepreneurs continuously educate themselves about industry trends and technologies. They all need to build a strong network of mentors, collaborators, and industry experts.

Future Aspect and offerings

Infinia Sciences Pvt Ltd continuously pays attention to making innovative processes to lead in sustainable chemical solutions. The company is expanding new markets while maintaining sustainability goals and contributing positively to global environmental and societal challenges through innovative R&D. 

The strong leadership of the organization guides the future of chemical R&D lies in sustainable innovation, regulatory compliance, and global collaboration. 

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