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Nimit Technologies: A Synopsis of the Professional Journey

Nimit Technologies Private Limited has embarked on the market to make technology accessible to its valuable customers. The company offers a wide range of solutions in different technical areas. The name NIMIT means- New India Managed Information Technology. Nimit Technologies Pvt. ltd. is IT / ITCS company . “Making Technology Accessible Since 2018“. The founder of the company is Mrs Upasana Anand, and Mr Ajit Kumar Sinha is the CEO and Co-founder of NIMIT.

Nimit Technologies: A Synopsis of the Professional Journey

The company has emerged as a trusted partner in resolving a wide range of technical matters for famous business houses. The company has already gained five years of experience delivering the best solutions for innovative technologies. The company aims to offer tailor-made IT solutions to every business within budget.

Motivation That Begins The Journey

Before starting this organisation in 2018, Mrs Upasana Anand and Mr Ajit Kumar Sinha worked for many technical companies. Mr Ajit Sinha worked in popular organisations and gained immense knowledge in data processing, ERP, CRM, etc. He also worked for many years as a business analyst.

On the other hand, Mrs Upasana Anand, the founder of NIMIT, is a GIS engineer, and she also possesses extensive knowledge of varied business processes.

The idea or the inspiration for establishing NIMIT came from Upasana Anand. She motivated Mr Ajit to open an organisation to offer business processing solutions or consultancy services as he possesses immense experience in this field. Another aspect that inspires them is the lack of consciousness about IT among small and low-scale business houses. Nimit is a prefered IT partner company for those houses, cannot afford to pay massive amounts to develop their business processing segment for data security.

This situation urges Mr Ajit and Mrs Upasana to set up a consultancy company to provide all-round IT support to small-scale companies.

Team members and office set-up of NIMIT

No doubt NIMIT has gained massive acclamation over the years. The company started its journey with four members, including Mrs Upasana Anand and Mr Ajit Kumar Sinha. At present, 30+ employees are working successfully with NIMIT.

NIMIT has two basic office set-up- front office and back office. Mr Ajit Kumar Sinha entirely handles front office responsibilities whereas the matters of the back office are taken care of by Mrs Upasana Anand.

Services that NIMIT Offers

The founder and the co-founder have comprehensive experience in technical fields, which is the prime advantage of offering business process consultancy services to different organisations. All business organisations will get top-notch solutions in the following areas.

Product & Services Offerings from Nimit Technologies Private Limited

Business Emailing Solutions – Office 365, Google, Zoho, etc.

Software Licencing – Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Autodesk etc.

Asset Management, Backup Solutions & DLP Solutions. Cyber Security & Disaster Management.

Professional Services – Datacentre solutions, Networking solutions and many more.

Managed Services – Infrastructure Management Solutions .

DLP projectors and monitors

Nimit Technologies with about 10+ certified engineers across the Delhi NCR, offers the following post-sales services:

Installation services: Basic, Classic, Comprehensive

Pro Support for IT & Pro Support for end-user

Same Business Day/ Next Business Day Onsite support

Challenges Faced During Early Days

The biggest challenge to the company is to spread awareness about the necessity of data security and other IT services within the company. Small-scale organisations hardly understand the necessity of MSP, cloud storage, the importance of establishing separate software for billing, etc. NIMIT educates companies about the benefits of all these technicalities and offers them the best consultancy service within budget.

Earning the trust of the organisations was another challenge for NIMIT. However, the professionals at NIMIT are capable of helping start-ups and small companies understand their services and benefits. So, building a market reputation was a big challenge for NIMIT.

Many companies cannot afford cloud storage for data security. So, NIMIT resolves this matter by offering its low cloud server / products to resolve its issues.

Strategies Behind the Success

The company also faced probleMrs with availing credit from National Distributors in the market. Besides, the company also faces employment issues during its initial stages.

The prime aim of establishing NIMIT is to provide the required IT solutions to small companies with low budgets. The company’s strategy and approach is based on 3S’s- solution, sales and service. The company mainly approaches companies with 0-300 users in the market, SMB / SME Customers.

The company offers to the customer try the product and services as a POC and free trial for few days. If the clients are satisfied, they can opt for further assistance from NIMIT.

We are working with top Customer’s Like: ECE Industries (Birla Group), CBSL Group, Cube Highways and Transport Assets Advisors Private Limited, PRESPL, Dhampur Bio Organics Limited, Spandana Sphoorty Financial Ltd, Rodic Consultants Pvt Ltd, Manipal Education and Medical Group, FCS Software Solutions Limited etc.

NIMIT- Aspirations and Future Growth

NIMIT offers the best solution for all. The professionals will collect the data and handle all data security from their end. Following these strategies, the company has gained trust in the market all over India, and at present, it runs four offices across the country. The company is planning to expand its market overseas to the UK and Australia.

NIMIT provides the custom solution for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 etc. The company aiMrs to offer developed workability to different organisations. The professionals only require the customer’s admin panel and will create the necessary infrastructure depending on the customer’s requirements.

We are managed service providers in India having 15+ certified & trained Engineers. We are expert in Business Mailing Solutions, Data Migration, Data Backup & DLP Solutions, and Business Application Implementation like ZOHO, Bitrix, SAPone, etc.

The cloud backup service will save the company’s confidential data without impacting the other company’s work. Moreover, the customer can quickly restore the data from the cloud server if the laptop or computer is out of service.

Our Designation is MICROSOFT SOLUTION PARTNER, GOOGLE SOLUTIONS PARTNER, ZOHO SOLUTION PARTNER, SOPHOS & FORTINET MrsP, SAFETICA DLP Solution Partner so many. We are glad to mention that at present we have approx50+ brand alliance & 600+ Customers PAN India.

NIMIT also offers cloud backup solutions to small-scale organisations within their budget so that they can develop data security in their company.

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