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What is the future of the gaming industry in India?

Recent research shares that nearly 84% of tech lovers declare that India is going to be in a leading position in the gaming industry in the next few years. Aspirants have a considerable interest in building their careers in the gaming industry. Experts believe that growth in the gaming industry will enhance skills among technicians. It has been noticed that India is going to lead the gaming market in the near future. So, let’s consider the factors responsible for the future of the gaming industry in India. 

future of the gaming industry in India

Factors responsible for expansion of the gaming market in India

Technical Advancement 

The recent growth in the technical advancement has made India to lead the gaming market in near future. Technical expansion plays a vital role in the development of entertainment, education and other industrial areas. 

Popularity of mobile game

At present, nearly 96% of online gaming relates to mobile games like PUBG, etc. The rise in popularity of mobile gaming is primarily due to the access to mobile devices at affordable prices. This opportunity has made it possible to develop the Indian gaming market. 

Easy download of mobile apps

In recent times, different advanced mobile apps have become easily accessible. These apps are developed with advanced technologies, and mobile gamers can easily download them on their mobiles. 

Cloud-based gaming

The recent expansion in cloud-based gaming has made it possible to enjoy new games online. This technology welcomes huge gaming prospect. This feature also ensures security and the game lovers don’t need to make huge investment

Metaverse gaming

The future of the gaming industry in India is widely depend on the Metaverse gaming. This technology influences massively on the future game and its market in India. 

Besides those above factors, stable internet connections, implementation of new regulations facilitating e sports games and playing games free of cost are other factors responsible for huge growth in the gaming market in India. 

Considering those above factors, experts expect that Indian gaming Industry can notice a growth of 20% and it can reach to Rs 231 billion by end of 2025. Domestic as well as international investors have made huge investment nearly US$ 2.8 billion during last few years. By end of 2023, experts have valued gaming industry at Rs 220 Billion which is a noticeable hike from the last year.

Top game development organisations in India

Orion Infosolutions– The company was launched in 2014, and it is a leading name in developing mobile and web apps. The company has developed popular games for mobile gamers. 

Abhiwan Technology – The two techies, Abhishek Verma and Pawan Agnihotri launched Abhiwan Technology in 2018. The company primarily offer advanced services for DeFi, metaverse, NFT Marketplace, play to earn, etc.

Cognizant– If you love to read gaming industry newsyou must have heard of the success story of Cognizant. The aim of the company is to assimilate game into the learning and expansion program. The company has developed an advanced gaming platform known as Game of Pods.

Indium Software—Indium Software is another leading gaming software development company in India. Established in 1999, it has emerged as one of the most successful digital marketing companies. 

Popular Gaming Academies

With the popularity of esport play and development of gaming apps & software, many leading gaming academies have started their operations in different cities in the country. As per survey, at present there nearly 200 colleges that offer advanced courses on gaming design and development. 

Top universities that offer specialised courses on development of gaming platforms are Amity University, Parul university, Chandigarh University, IIT Nagpur, etc. MP State Esport Academy is the India’s first Academy that offer education on esport development. 

AVGC and Government Initiative

AVGC industry or Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics, sectors are playing vital role in online gaming industry in India. The AVGC sector offers huge solutions in the following areas.

  • The sector has made a huge enhancement in employment.
  • Implementation of a progressive framework for the development of AVGC sectors. 
  • It is suggested to make an alignment between the Indian and International AVGC sectors. 

There is a considerable growth in the gaming industry in Indian due to enhanced popularity of online games among the youngsters. Well, as per the research the gaming statistics show that the industry will have a market value of $3.5 billion by end of 2024. 

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