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10 Top Cleantech startups in India working for a better and greener future

It’s encouraging to see the rise of cleantech startups in India, taking innovative approaches to address environmental challenges and contribute to the country’s clean energy goals. These startups are playing a crucial role in developing sustainable solutions across various sectors. In this article we bring light to top 10 cleantech startups that are working everyday to make a better and cleaner future for India.

Cleantech startups in India

The compilation by   of  cleantech startups in India showcases the diversity of ideas and technologies being employed. Some focus on rooftop solar energy, tapping into the abundant sunlight available in India. Others are dedicated to bio-methanation technology, providing solutions for effective organic waste management. Additionally, there are startups working on air and water purification, addressing critical issues related to pollution.

This collective effort signifies a commitment to balance growth and development with environmental stewardship. As these startups continue to thrive, they contribute not only to the local clean energy landscape but also serve as examples for other regions facing similar challenges. The ongoing innovation in the cleantech sector is crucial for building a sustainable and resilient future.


75F: Pioneering Smart Building Solutions for a Greener Tomorrow

Founded in 2012 by Deepinder Singh and Pankaj Chawla, 75F has emerged as a beacon in the cleantech startup ecosystem. Let’s delve into the details that set this revolutionary company apart.

Established in 2012, 75F swiftly rose to prominence, attracting notable investors like Siemens AG, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Climate Initiative, Building Ventures, Revolution, Clean Energy Trust, and WIND Ventures.

75F specializes in providing smart building solutions that encompass wireless sensors, equipment controllers, and cloud-based software. These innovative offerings pave the way for predictive and proactive building automation, effectively curbing energy consumption and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

The core of 75F’s product line lies in predicting, monitoring, and controlling the temperature differentials within a building. This not only enhances energy efficiency but also safeguards the structure from potential damages. Initially focusing on the commercial real estate sector, the company expanded its horizons in 2015 by venturing into HVAC solutions.

75F collaborates seamlessly with facility management companies, systems integrators, and energy service companies. This strategic alliance aims to incorporate more properties under its sustainable umbrella, fostering a widespread impact on the built environment.

In its pursuit of global sustainability, 75F has strategically placed manufacturing units in the United States, India, and China. This not only enhances its operational efficiency but also underscores its commitment to a worldwide green transformation.

In a groundbreaking development in July 2021, 75F secured $5 million in a Series A funding round led by Siemens AG. This injection of capital brought the startup’s total funding to an impressive $28 million in the Series A financing round.

75F’s cap table boasts renowned names such as Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Climate Initiative, Clean Energy Trust, and WIND Ventures, affirming the confidence these industry leaders place in the startup’s transformative vision.

As India races towards a sustainable future, startups like 75F stand as trailblazers, reshaping the landscape of cleantech. The convergence of innovation, strategic partnerships, and global outreach positions 75F at the forefront of the green revolution. Watch this space as 75F continues to redefine the future of smart and sustainable living through its cutting-edge solutions.

Ace Green Recycling

Ace Green Recycling, founded in 2019 by Nishchay Chadha and Vipin Tyagi, is a battery recycling startup based in Singapore. The company has raised a total of $10 million in funding to date from investors such as Circulate Capital, Climate Angels, and Newchip.

The startup specializes in clean and efficient lead-acid battery recycling technology. The lead-acid batteries developed by Ace Green Recycling operate at room temperature, produce zero air emissions, and minimize both waste and heavy metal emissions. This approach results in significantly reduced environmental damage compared to traditional battery recycling methods.

In addition to its lead-acid battery recycling technology, Ace Green Recycling is actively working on the commercialization of lithium-ion battery recycling in an environmentally sustainable manner. The company aims to further develop its lithium reusable technology to contribute to the sustainable management of lithium-ion batteries.

In February 2022, Ace Green Recycling successfully secured more than $7 million in a funding round led by Circulate Capital and Climate Angels. This funding round has brought the startup’s total fundraising to $10 million. With the additional financial support, the company plans to expand its 30-member team to 50 in the coming months.

Looking ahead, Ace Green Recycling is focusing on the development of fossil fuel-free lithium battery recycling technology. This initiative aligns with the company’s commitment to advancing environmentally friendly solutions in the field of battery recycling.


AirOk, founded in 2015 by Deekshith Vara Prasad, Pavan Reddy Yasa, and Vanam Sravan Krishna, is an Indian company headquartered in New Delhi. The company has developed a patented air filter named EGAPA, which boasts the capability to eliminate 99.7% of air pollutants. Notably, the filter is designed to specifically target cancer cells and break down various airborne contaminants, including viruses, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), bacteria, and mold.

In addition to its innovative air filters, AirOk offers a diverse range of products. This includes air purifiers, air purifier filters, face masks, purifying bags, data center solutions, and pollution seizure solutions. The company aims to provide comprehensive solutions for improving air quality across various environments.

As of now, the specific amount of funding raised by AirOk remains undisclosed. However, the company has successfully secured investment from Ncubate Capital Partners, a venture capital fund based in Gurugram. This funding likely supports AirOk’s ongoing research, development, and market expansion efforts.

According to the financial report for the fiscal year 2020-2021 (FY21), AirOk reported an operating revenue of INR 1.94 Lakh. However, the company also disclosed a loss of INR 2.25 Lakh during the same period. Financial performance indicators suggest that while the company generated revenue, it faced operational losses, possibly attributed to research and development expenses or market expansion efforts.

Overall, AirOk’s focus on advanced air filtration technology and its product range indicate a commitment to addressing air quality challenges. The investment from Ncubate Capital Partners underscores external confidence in the company’s potential for growth and impact in the air purification industry.


altM, founded in 2022 by former Tesla employees Apoorv Garg and Yugal Raj Jain, is a company with a mission to create sustainable materials from agricultural residue. With its headquarters in Bengaluru, the startup focuses on aiding companies in reducing their carbon footprints and enhancing circularity in their supply chains.

The founders bring their experience from Tesla to drive altM’s goal of utilizing lignocellulosic agricultural residues to develop advanced materials. Lignocellulosic residue comprises dry plant waste generated during or after crop processing, encompassing materials like barley straw, corn stover, sorghum stalks, coconut husks, sugarcane bagasse, and banana leaves.

altM has gained notable support in terms of funding, having raised $3.5 million to date. Key investors contributing to this funding include Omnivore, Theia Ventures, Thai Wah Ventures, Sanjiv Rangrass, Neha Mudaliar, Maninder Gulati (OYO), Mirik Gogri (Spectrum Impact), and Paula Mariwala (Aureolis Ventures).

In a recent milestone, altM successfully secured $3.5 million in a seed funding round, led by Omnivore. The company’s innovative approach to sustainable material development has also earned it a spot in the 40th edition of  ’s ’30 Startups To Watch’ list, showcasing its promising trajectory in the industry.


Bambrew, founded in 2018 by Vaibhav Anant, is a Bengaluru-based startup specializing in sustainable alternatives for various packaging needs. The company focuses on providing eco-friendly options for food packaging, pouches, foldable cartons, ecommerce mailer bags, and PVC. Bambrew distinguishes itself by utilizing bamboo as the primary material for its products, promoting a plastic-free approach, and manufacturing everything in-house.

As of January 2022, Bambrew has successfully raised $2.67 million in funding through various rounds. Notable investors in the startup include Blue Ashva Capital, Supack Industries, and Mumbai Angels, along with support from other angel investors.

In its most recent funding round, a Pre-Series A round in January 2022, Bambrew secured $2.35 million. Blue Ashva Capital and Supack Industries led the investment, further backed by Mumbai Angels and additional angel investors. This funding injection has played a important role in Bambrew’s growth and expansion.

Following the successful funding round, Bambrew has diversified its product range to include additional sustainable offerings. These new products encompass paper straws, cups, glasses, as well as wooden spoons and forks. The expansion reflects the company’s commitment to providing a comprehensive portfolio of environmentally friendly alternatives in the packaging industry.


BuyOFuel, a Coimbatore-based company founded in 2020 by Kishan Karunakaran, Venkateswaran Selvan, Sumnath Kumar, and Prasad Nair, focuses on aggregating biofuel suppliers, consumers, and waste generators. The platform plays a crucial role in converting waste biomass into biofuels, contributing to environmental sustainability.

As of now, BuyOFuel has successfully raised $1.6 million in funding, with support from investors such as IPV, VCATS, Gruhas Proptech, LV, and Lead Angels Fund. The company’s headquarters are located in Coimbatore.

One of the notable achievements of BuyOFuel is its claim that 90% of its users are active and repeat customers. Since May 2022, the business has experienced a remarkable 2x increase in monthly revenue. The cleantech platform has facilitated transactions involving 30,000 million tonnes (MT) of waste and biofuels, effectively substituting 10,000 MT of fossil fuels. This not only demonstrates the platform’s success but also highlights its positive impact on reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels and promoting the use of sustainable biofuels. This one of the best cleantech venture till now.

Chakr Innovation

Chakr Innovation, founded in 2016 by Kushagra Srivastava, Arpit Dhupar, and Bharti Singhla, is a cleantech startup based in Delhi NCR. The company specializes in emission control devices designed to address pollution at its source, capturing harmful particulate matter emissions. With a total funding of $3.6 million, Chakr Innovation has attracted support from investors such as Neev Fund II, Indian Angel Network, ONGC, Parampara Capital, and Globevestor.

The startup’s flagship product, the Chakr Shield, claims to effectively capture over 80% of particulate matter emissions from diesel engines, particularly from diesel generators. Remarkably, the Chakr Shield is reported to collect 90% of particulate matter emissions without causing any adverse effects on the diesel engine. The captured emissions are repurposed to create ink.

Chakr Innovation asserts that retrofitting the tailpipe of diesel generators with the Chakr Shield can significantly reduce emissions of particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons. Notably, Select CityWalk, a high-end mall in Delhi, installed Chakr Shield to curb pollution from its diesel generators, achieving an impressive 80% reduction in emissions. This installation is expected to lead to a yearly decrease of 378 kg of PM emissions, equivalent to over 174 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions or the carbon sequestered by 228 acres of forest in a single year.

In November 2021, Chakr Innovation secured an undisclosed amount in a Series B funding round led by Neev Fund II. Prior to this, the startup had successfully raised funds through various rounds, including a Series A round of INR 19 crore led by IAN Fund and ONGC. Initial financial support came in the form of seed capital from Parampara Capital and Globevestor.

Looking ahead, Chakr Innovation plans to explore additional technology solutions, including Metal-Air battery technology. The startup aims to scale up production and expand its operations to more than 12 cities in the future.


Clairco, founded in 2018 by Aayush Jha and headquartered in Bengaluru, is an Internet of Things (IoT) startup specializing in air quality monitoring and purification. The company utilizes low-drag air filters that can be retrofitted to various air conditioning systems, transforming them into efficient air purifiers. The patented air purification system is designed in-house, analyzing real-time air quality data for specific premises.

The key features of Clairco’s technology include the ability to retrofit existing air conditioning units with ultra-low resistance air filters, turning them into smart air purification systems. The startup aims to assist businesses in ensuring clean and measurable air quality affordably. Clairco’s filter technology offers up to MERV-13 filtration with a low-pressure drop, monitoring various air quality parameters such as PM2.5, PM10, CO2, VOC, and others. Additionally, it maintains the optimal health of air filters and purifiers throughout different seasons.

To generate revenue, Clairco follows a subscription-based model, charging its customers a monthly fee. This monetization strategy is applicable to businesses of all sizes and scales. In March of the previous year, Clairco successfully raised INR 4.2 Cr in angel funding, with Sanjiv Bajaj (Bajaj Capital) leading the round at Anicut Angel Fund. Notable investors, including Max Group and Angel List, also participated in the funding round.

Looking ahead, Clairco has plans to expand its presence to key cities across the country. The startup is focused on product development and overall growth in the cleantech sector.

CleanMax Enviro Energy Solutions

CleanMax Enviro Energy Solutions, founded in 2011 by Kuldeep Jain and Sushant Arora, is a prominent player in the renewable energy sector. The Mumbai-based startup has raised a substantial $188.2 million in funding to date, with notable investors such as IFU (Danish Investment Fund for Developing Countries), Warburg Pincus, UKCI, and the International Finance Corporation.

Specializing in rooftop solar projects, CleanMax operates under the Build Own Operate model, providing corporations with renewable electricity through long-term agreements. This approach results in significant cost savings for its more than 150 clients, including well-known names such as Facebook, Adobe, Cargill Foods, Volvo, Tata Group, Mahindra Group, Grasim, and MG Motors.

In December 2021, IFU invested $34 million in CleanMax, marking its second investment in Indian renewables. This investment followed the India-Danish Green Strategic Partnership signed in 2020 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

CleanMax’s collaboration with Facebook involves co-running a portfolio of wind and solar projects across India, contributing clean energy to the electrical grid. The startup has ambitious plans for further expansion in India, with upcoming investments in solar, wind, and wind-solar hybrid projects in states such as Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu to meet the renewable energy needs of corporate customers.

Looking ahead, CleanMax aims to accelerate its growth in the commercial and industrial renewable energy sectors not only in India but also in the Middle East and South East Asia. The startup’s commitment to sustainability and its successful partnerships with major corporations position it as a key player in the global transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions.

Devic Earth

Devic Earth, founded in 2018 by Shaguna Sinha, Srikanth Sola, and Shivani Sinha Sola, is a cleantech startup based in Bengaluru. The company focuses on creating scalable solutions to address air pollution through its flagship product, ‘Pure Skies.’ With a total funding of $1.36 million, the startup received its first institutional funding of INR 10 crore from the Blue Ashva Sampada Fund.

Pure Skies, the air pollution control equipment developed by Devic Earth, is designed to improve air quality in industries and large areas. The technology is capable of reducing specific pollutants like particulate matter (both PM10 and PM2.5) to less than 10 microns. Remarkably, heavily polluted areas experience an improvement in the air quality index within three months of implementing Pure Skies.

The innovative system comes equipped with intelligent wifi-based technology to effectively handle airborne gaseous and particle pollutants in various settings, including industries, homes, and cities. With a simple push of a button, Pure Skies can remove 40-50% of nano-sized particles at <20µm.

Devic Earth’s Pure Skies has found applications in diverse sectors such as steel, cement, hotels, mining, and manufacturing. The startup claims that the product can also address challenges arising from pollution events like crop burning, forest fires, and construction.

Looking ahead, Devic Earth has plans to accelerate its growth and product roadmaps. The company aims to expand its operational presence both in the country and in global markets, building on its success in providing innovative solutions for air pollution control.

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