XpressBees Expands Horizons: Embracing ONDC With Government Backing

By Ritwik Ghosh,Kolkata India


XpressBees, an Indian logistics service provider, has recently become a part of the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC).

In the process of aligning with ONDC, XpressBees is set to cater to more than 20,000 pin codes across the nation.

Amplifying e-commerce capabilities through ONDC The partnership with ONDC empowers XpressBees to harness its expansive logistics infrastructure, encompassing warehouses, delivery hubs, and a diverse vehicular fleet.

This integration targets the enhancement of order processing, tracking mechanisms, and the assurance of punctual deliveries. XpressBees’ tech-centric methodology is poised to establish seamless links with online marketplaces and vendors, thereby elevating the overall customer journey.

ONDC’s vision and XpressBees’ contribution T Koshy, ONDC’s Managing Director and CEO, has underscored the network’s vision to construct an unobstructed digital platform connecting diverse market entities. He has stressed the pivotal role of logistics within this ecosystem.

XpressBees’ induction into the network is perceived as a substantial uplift to ONDC’s logistical capacities, promising a sturdier e-commerce landscape.

XpressBees’ dedication to nationwide service Amitava Saha, Co-Founder and CEO of Xpress Bees, has articulated that this strategic move aligns with their objective to extend their coverage, now spanning over 20,000 pin codes and 2800+ cities throughout India.

Saha envisions that affiliating with ONDC will refine their operations and furnish unparalleled logistical resolutions to participants within the network.

Uplifting SMEs and contributing to India’s Digital Economy XpressBees aspires to harness the ONDC Network to invigorate e-commerce expansion, nurture entrepreneurial endeavors, and bolster India’s digital economic landscape.

The organization is particularly committed to fortifying small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in reaching a nationwide customer base.

This initiative resonates with Xpress Bees’ mission to ensure the delivery of joy to every doorstep, significantly contributing to the ever-evolving digital commerce panorama in India.

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