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Through his industriousness and hard work, moment shoes and bata are synonymous. Though World War caused depression and severance to numerous, it proved to be an asset for bata company.


Battling through numerous similar dilemmas, Thomas Bata eventually established BATA company each over the world.

Past life:

Tomas Bata belong to a veritably poor family. He was a native of Prague, the capital of Czechia. He was blessed by his mama , family Antonin, and family Ana. Unfortunately, his father failed in a aeroplane crash when he was 17.His ancestors earned their livelihood by making and dealing shoes. So, knowledge about shoes was in the blood of Bata..


Bata company trip started when Tomas Bata came up with the idea of taking his profession to a larger scale. He took$ 350 inherited by his mama . With his family and family, he launched T, and A, Bata shoe company in Zlin, Czechoslovakia. Within a time Bata company was successful enough to employ 10 people and forty who work from their homes. In 1895, the same time, his family failed and his family got married, leaving Tomas each alone. By this, Tomas was just 19 times old.Not losing stopgap and courage Tomas achieved his first achievement in 1900. He moved his company near to Zlin’s road and started making his shoes of oil rather of leather. Oil shoes reached great fashion ability because of their cheap rates and high value for
plutocrat. Shortly Bata went void for further than formerly. 

Tomas resolved that he demanded some effective ways for producing footwear. With his three workers, he went to America to discover expert ways of mass product. He and his platoon worked as a drudge on a shoe assembly line in New England for at least six months. He also visited English and German on his way to Zlin. Now by 1912, his company hired 600 full- time workers and other hundred workers who worked from their homes. 

Bata supported his workers by giving them affordable refections and free medical care. He also rented apartments to expand his business. By now Bata was known for comfort and low priced footwear. Soon there was an outbreak of World War 1 where nearly everyone suffered but it proved to be an asset for Bata company and his workers. Tomas was given a great contact for producing thrills for Austro- Hungarian Army. Tomas invested the plutocrat in expanding his business. Before the company could enjoy the taste of success, there was an profitable depression across the globe as a consequence of world war. It leads to great severance and eventually, there was a drop in demand for products. Bata simply didn’t throw up his hands but blazoned to cut the price of Bata shoes and footwear by half and stipend of workers by 40. He wasn’t only supported by his workers also, but there was also a hike in demand for Bata shoes.After 15 times when there GDP as wells as affectation rate went grandly, Bata also came back with its prices.


piecemeal from his family that got superbly rich for several generations moment, Bata has headquarters in Switzerland. Bata has further than 5200 Retail stores in further than 70 countries. further than this from 1894 till moment Bata has earned the trust of people from each over the world.

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