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Tesla Wants EPA To Adopt a Tougher Plan

Tesla is urging the Biden administration to implement stricter vehicle emissions regulations than the ones initially suggested by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in April. The company recently made public statements expressing its desire for the EPA to adopt a plan that would ensure over 69% of vehicles in 2032 are EVs.

Tesla Wants EPA

While the EPA proposed standards aimed at reducing emissions by 56% and achieving 60% electric vehicle (EV) adoption by 2030 and 67% by 2032, Tesla desires a more rigorous approach.

This puts Tesla in opposition to other automakers, as they seek more ambitious goals for EV penetration in the coming year. Recently, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, a trade group representing numerous prominent automakers excluding Tesla, requested the EPA to revise its proposal, deeming it impractical. General Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota Motor, Hyundai Motor, and other members of the alliance expressed their recommendation for a more feasible approach. They suggested implementing regulations that would require 40% to 50% adoption of electric, plug-in electric, and fuel cell vehicles by 2030. This stance highlights a divergence between Tesla and other major automakers regarding the specific targets and timelines for transitioning to electric and alternative fuel vehicles.

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