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Collaboration of young minds thriving latest technology

In recent times, Technology has emerged as a new form of fuel to run the entire world. A country lacking in up-to-the- minute technology lags behind in the race to compete with other nations. Of late, India has established itself as one of the developing regions to adopt new technologies in assorted domains. This has been possible due to endeavors of blossoming minds. Our new age entrepreneurs have embraced the need of the hour wholeheartedly and delivered with some mind blowing ideas. Owing to this, India has become one of the preferred destinations for clients across the globe. The young guns have corroborated their excellence and aptness by means of their results on the global platforms. In a herd of numerous such companies, SMACON Technologies has earned a distinct recognition for it.


SMACON Technologies is a digital transmission service provider. Based out of the god’s own land i.e., Kerala, it yields technology solutions and consults for technology roadmap building for enterprises. It provides tech consulting and helps to build UI and UX strategies. It also does Product engineering (product development) for its clients. It comes up with variety of technologies in different domains such as ecommerce, web development and mobile technologies etc. It has tailor-made solutions that help the clients become competitive with latest technologies so that they could yield a better user experience. Moreover, it helps them retain, retarget and re-engage their existing customers. This has been the USP of the company since its inception in 2012.

Cost-effective Service

Among a range of services, it has earmarked services for manufacturing, Traders and retail sectors. The company helps enterprises start their online business for both B2B and B2C sales. Many government initiatives have made people realize the importance of technical soundness. This has played the role of catalyst for the company to yield its services to target audience. The goal of the company has been to provide best service at cost-effective price with use of latest technologies. It is a difficult task to keep in sync with adopting new technologies at low cost. It keeps researching on methods to reduce the cost of the clients. The company provides solutions for event management too. It gives clients complete solutions at very low cost. The service starts with 1000$ having different packages that includes websites, app and everything related to that.

The company has a pool of around 300 clients spread across the globe. It has got some big clients that primarily includes Indian Medical Association. Apart from this, the clientele include Daily fish- a Company of baby marine enterprises, Kalyan Silks, ABAD group. Not only this, it has expanded its presence in Middle East, Australia, USA and UK etc. It has also got many clients from banking domain including Bank of Nizwa, Bank of Dhofar etc.

Solutions that make huge difference

While pursuing his degree in engineering, Sreekesh Krishna Pai thought of the inception of the company in Kerala. He and his team mates were interested to learn technology. He laid the foundation stone of the company along with his friends to explore scope in technologies. They found many problems and worked on their solutions. Over a period of time, the company developed huge number of apps. One of the apps got global recognition. The app was downloaded more than 50k times within 3 days of launch. It got many recognitions too for this commendable. The company has been recognized on different media platforms for various initiatives. It got awarded from Indian Medical Association. Moreover, it received words of appreciation from Government of Kerala.

The company has been growing at a progressive rate and it has followed a steady path. It has Up-to-date technology complemented with right people at the right place with right infrastructure. The company works on SMAC that stands for Social Mobility Analytics Cloud. This is an emerging technology being widely used. They enable SMAC technology for its clients so that they could stay competitive in this world of technology disruption.

Future Plans

The company has helped over 300 companies to pave their path to success with their solution and services. Now the company has poised to reach a turnover of 10 million INR by this financial year. It is planning to launch a new product for its B2B and B2C ecommerce clients with Artificial intelligence technology for sales hike. The company also plans to expand its team to a number of 60 people.

Mr Pai shared some of his personal experiences during his entrepreneurial journey to inspire burgeoning entrepreneurs. He says, “There will be lot of difficulties. You should be able to manage failures as well as success. Once you are able to strike a chord between both, you are destined to become a successful entrepreneurs.”

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