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Signum Hotels & Resorts Pvt Ltd

“There is always a bright light waiting for us at the end of a tunnel. Perseverance is the only way through it.”- Mehul Sharma. 

Mehul Sharma, the Founder and CEO of Signum Hotels & Resorts Pvt Ltd, a home-grown brand that strives to go global.  He has also worked as a manager with some renowned hotels like The Hotels & Resorts, IHCL, IHG and ITC hotels.

Mehul Sharma - Signum hotels

Journey of Mehul Sharma

The most important idea that inspired him to open a chain of hotels was going through some pages of a magazine on a trip that had several choices and the thought of travelling the world. However, after the Pandemic the hospitality business did face many hardships and many were closed but after the Pandemic it seemed to contribute a lot to the economy. Also, a lot of people have been travelling and the government are also supporting both the small and large hospitality business in order to boost Tourism. Digitization has also played a crucial role in influencer marketing, mobile app check-in, chatbots for 24/7 assistance and a lot more. There are several strategies and approaches that have helped in achieving success in business endeavours as meeting with new people and making new connections that help in getting more ideas.

The biggest challenge for Mehul Sharma was surviving the Pandemic, but eventually, he overcame this hurdle by expanding the business overseas. Innovation within the organisation is imperative to self-improvement and he always reads the hospitality magazines religiously with his colleagues and mentors. 

Leadership Qualities

Mehul Sharma believes that a Leader is not always born but is made through constant efforts, Experiences and tackling difficult situations in a composed manner. An important element of leadership is being open to communication with all colleagues and supporting them in times of need, as a leader is also recognised as an effective team leader who always helps to rally the associated team. A leader also shares success with others but accepts shortcomings as his own, also leader sees every task as equally important and respect other irrespective of their role in the group.

Ethics and Sustainability of Signum Hotels & Resorts Pvt Ltd

At Signum Hotels & Resorts Pvt Ltd, the founder strongly believes in the fact that the green footprint that we leave today shall be the foundation of a stronger future and that we are committed to ‘SUSTAINABLE LIVING’. As Earth has a finite number of resources, our main goal is to preserve resources like raw materials, energy, and water and minimize waste and other pollution the hotels have adopted strategies like rainwater harvesting, cool roof systems, net metering, recycling, energy and water conservation. The hotel also aims to give back to the environment and also to reduce the carbon footprint on a larger scale industry.

Challenges and Opportunities

The main challenge is facing Visa restrictions in times of political and diplomatic scenarios which also might create deadlock for tourists. Many businesses which were shut down during the pandemic never reopened due to financial Constraints. This also created new opportunities in the age of globalisation when the borders are melting and the free movement of people and goods adds value.

Lastly, Innovation in the hospitality sector such as adventure sports and health tourism can create several enhancing revenue and employment.

To stay updated on industry trends

To stay updated with current trends and affairs has been very easy in today’s world with smartphones. In the hotel management industry, it is imperative to be consistent with global affairs to attend global events with global leaders and adapt to their best practices so that they can be implemented in the business model.


The biggest accomplishment of Mehul Sharma’s career would be clearing and getting 5 jobs off the campus interview at the National Defence Academy. Also, along with starting the key venture in the hotel industry with Signum Hotels and making it profitable, he is striving to make the Indian Venture a Global Success.

Advise to aspiring Entrepreneurs and Business leaders

Inquisitiveness is a very crucial trait that one should have as it drives one to grasp more. Usually, aspiring entrepreneurs hesitate as they get self-conscious and that the founder has to conclude that not to worry about the reputation as that is what people think, and worry about one’s character because that is what one is deep inside.

Importance of Global Collaboration

In today’s interconnected world, the exchange of thoughts, ideas and concepts has assisted world leaders to develop their nations and strive for excellence. India’s increasing participation in the global sphere, like the G20 summit, has paved the way for the development of various industries, like travel, tourism, and hospitality in the country. Global collaboration has given India a dignified stature alongside various important countries. It is very crucial for Indian Industries and MNCs to collaborate on international platforms and to reach new heights of success around the world.

Goals and Visions

With the onset of technological advancements and artificial intelligence, hotel management would be easily accessible and convenient for the masses. When it comes to Signum Hotels, Mehul Sharma plans to expand the home grown chain of hotels globally. And that, it would like to have a chain of Signum hotels in every metropolitan city of every continent and the team works hard to make it a reality every day.

To conclude, the founder is extremely grateful to have the opportunity to be able to share a bit of himself with Foundr Magazine and the people reading this. To inspire young and aspiring entrepreneurs and be influenced by the same. He has also been a part of the Foundr magazine is a great platform that he is glad to be part of.

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