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Savy Electric Vehicles: Inspiring Journey to the Business World

Chandan Mundhra started his career by working in his family business and always had an inclination towards renewables, clean energy and automobiles and creating a positive impact on the environment. He believes that clean and breathable air is each individual’s fundamental right and vehicular pollution is one of the major causes of degrading our breathable air. Driven by the goal of improving air quality, better environment and providing eco-friendly transportation, he came across Electric 3 Wheelers and decided to launch it from Gujarat.

Chandan Mundhra | Savy electric |

Professional Exposure

Chandan was pursuing Chartered Accountancy and also working in his family business, which is established and running successfully for over the last 40 years. Moving out of it to an entirely new industry was a bit challenging yet exciting. 

From an idea of building an EV of their own to building it and obtaining the ‘Road Worthiness Certificate’ of it was a big achievement for him and his team. Bagging the order from Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for the company’s first Electric Garbage Vans was also, an achievement at that point of time. It boosted his team’s morale and demonstrated the seriousness of Govt towards the adoption of EVs.

Global Economic Landscape

The global economic state would be hard to define in a few words, but one thing which Chandan noticed common in a few countries which he travelled recently, is the growing awareness for Environment-friendly initiatives all across. A new, environmental-conscious world is just a generation away.

Strategic Approaches

Being agile and customer-centric is the primary characteristics of Savy Electric Vehicles. As a start-up operating in an industry meant for giants and the only strategy which ensures their success is a well-served customer.

Navigating Career Challenges

Challenges and setbacks are frequent during the entrepreneurial journey. There were multiple instances of failures like product development gone wrong, investor backing out or change of terms last minute etc. Chandan reminds himself of the big picture and channelised his focus on achieving the larger goal and kept moving and things eventually fell in place. Perseverance and maintaining focus on the goal helped him in overcoming any setbacks.

Future Role of Innovation

Innovation is an invention/idea/solution coming out of an inquisitive mind which a conventional way of thinking would never have led to. Chandan attempts to make people more inquisitive by asking too many WHYs. This approach also helps in deep diving into a problem and leads to a meaningful solution. Innovation is the only way a business can sustain itself for long.

Essential Leadership Qualities in Today’s Business Landscape

Delegation, effective communication and Emotional Intelligence are essential for leading a successful business in today’s competitive landscape. 

Approach Towards Ethical Business Practices and Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability and ethics are the foundation of Savy Electric Vehicles ‘s business. The sustainability initiatives started in-house when the company started replacing the use of IEC vehicles with EVs in any possible application of business. The raw materials used to transport using diesel auto have been replaced by their own electric vehicles. Also, Chandan himself switched from driving a petrol car to an Electric car. Most of Savy Electric Vehicles ’s team members drive electric vehicles to work.

 With regard to sustainability initiatives the company is experimenting with the use of recycled materials and green steel, which once successfully tested will get into commercial production, with a target of going NET ZERO.

Current Industry Landscape

Opportunities in the industry are endless. With the right insight, user-friendly and good quality products the market is willing to reward the best company. There are a few challenges as well which are macro in nature example, wars: leading to price fluctuation of batteries, a critical EV component, Policy risk is also a challenge to some extent etc.

Guide to Competitive Adaptation

Being in touch with the customers, interacting the learning from the brightest minds of the industry and a bit of social media keeps Chandan informed about the latest trends in the market.

A Highlight to Career Journey 

One memorable event was when the company delivered a customised ambulance van to Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad. The company had booked the order without site verification and later discovered that the vehicle was supposed to be used in a very narrow lift and our regular vehicles wouldn’t fit. The desired application of the vehicle was to be used in the Trauma centre building and it should be able to enter the lift, which was a 40-year-old lift and had 1000mm of width. it had to entirely redesign the whole vehicle, build and run it successfully in deliver it in a very short period of time. However, the company was short of resources, time and manpower yet due to our team’s effort this was accomplished and we got a lot of accolades from the Government for it.

Insights for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

Research well before venturing into any business. If the situation permits then initially work for an accomplished entrepreneur in the respective field and gain insights.

Global Collaboration in an Interconnected World

Chandan believes in collaborating with companies where values align, be it global or local.

Long-Term Goals and Visions for Business 

Savy Electric Vehicles goal is to transform the public transport scenario in India with their robust and efficient Electric vehicles and make a positive impact on the environment in this process. All the sectors in India have seen a significant advancement over the past 50 years, but when it comes to public transport vehicles it is still stuck with the same old redundant vehicles. The company have also attempted to break that notion by adding comfort, aesthetics, dignity and environment positive impact to their vehicle and there recent launch of CITY-POD, the best in class public transport vehicle is a testament to it. It is entirely built in India and the company plans to take it global. 

Empowering Entrepreneurs for the Readers of Foundr magazine India

Chandan would encourage all the wise and intelligent readers of Foundr Magazine to start making micro shifts towards a sustainable lifestyle in whichever way possible. It will not only help them in the long run but will collectively help us reach the national goal of a carbon-neutral Country.

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