2026,Future-Ready: Salesforce Partners with Indian Ministry of Education for a Massive Student Skill-Up!

By Ritwik Ghosh,Kolkata India


In the pursuit of educational enlightenment, Salesforce’s complimentary virtual learning arena, Trailhead, vows to equip 100,000 scholars with aptitude within the next triennium, culminating in 2026. This commitment stems from a memorandum of understanding inked between Salesforce and the Union Ministry of Education. Govind Jaiswal, the Joint Secretary of the Department of Higher Education at the Ministry of Education, articulated that the Department, in tandem with Salesforce, is poised to proffer courses germane to industry on the SWAYAM platform. The overarching aim is to augment the employability quotient of students. “Pooling our resources, expertise, and network,” Jaiswal expounded, “facilitates the formulation of a holistic curriculum empowering students for triumphant integration into the professional sphere. This alliance, I anticipate, will not only serve individual learners but also contribute substantially to the holistic advancement of participants enrolled in these courses.”

The curriculum, characterized by industry resonance, conforms to the National Occupation Standard and is validated by meticulous course content. This encompasses initiatives such as “train-the-trainer” immersions for educators, mentorship, career linkages with Salesforce affiliates seeking skilled personnel, and the provision of Salesforce-backed Virtual Internship opportunities. Trailhead’s modules, meticulously tailored to meet the exigencies of distinct programs mandated by the Ministry of Education, affiliated bodies, organizations, and agencies, are poised to cater to the diverse learning needs of participants.

The collaborative venture is geared towards democratizing proficiency in Salesforce among upcoming Trailblazers, thereby fostering fresh talent within the Salesforce ecosystem. As per the insights proffered by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the global Salesforce economy, enriched by the prowess of artificial intelligence, is prognosticated to usher in a net surplus of 11.6 million occupations and a staggering $2.02 trillion in business revenues spanning the years 2022 to 2028. In harmony with these global imperatives, Salesforce actively engages with academic institutions in India to amplify the reservoir of adept talent.

Arundhati Bhattacharya, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of Salesforce India, underscored, “India’s trajectory towards technological preeminence is intricately interwoven with the profundity of its talent reservoir, digital assimilation, and the ambit of technological ingenuity, underpinned by a strategic global orientation. Talent constitutes the bedrock of this odyssey, and with an annual influx of over 500,000 software engineers and technologists, India stands poised as a worldwide nexus for tech acumen. While I’ve always harbored faith in the colossal talent potential that India embodies, it is imperative to recognize that mere abundance in talent doesn’t suffice; rather, it must be harnessed with precision. Therefore, our collaboration with the Ministry of Education, focused on skill development and leveraging the synergies of collaboration, emerges as a catalyst for transformative change.”

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