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Himalaya Wellness Company Partners with the Southern Command Unit of Indian Army to Create Pune's First Tiranga Tunnel

Himalaya Wellness Company Joins Indian Army and SEBC in Revolutionary Biodiversity Conservation Project on India’s 77 th Independence Day

Himalaya Wellness Company, a leading heartiness brand committed to promoting health and well- being, collaborates with and supports the Southern Command Indian Army and the Society for Environment and Biodiversity Conservation’s( SEBC) ambitious design, Tiranga Lair, aimed at conserving Pune’s unique biodiversity.

Tiranga Tunnel :

The Indian Army, known for its fidelity to securing the nation and natural coffers, has taken the action to save Pune Cantonment’s ecological balance. The region, positioned near the biodiverse Western Ghats, faces multitudinous environmental challenges, including declining tree cover and adding pollution. The Southern Command Indian Army, in collaboration with Himalaya Wellness Company, has conceptualized the Tiranga Lair design as a major bid to cover nature’s treasures and promote environmental responsibility.

The Tiranga Lair, a symbol of public concinnity and environmental knowledge, will be located at the entrance of the Southern Command Headquarters, Pune, recognizing the prestigious Southern Command of the Indian Army. The lair embodies their commitment to sustainable development and ecological preservation. The bow has twelve exquisitely designed coverts, each adorned with the colors of our public flag- Saffron and White bougainvillea representing courage and chastity, and Green plutocrat shops emblematizing substance. The flowery installations emblematize the concinnity and harmony that bind our different nation together. With a range of 13 measures and a towering height of4.5 measures, the Tiranga Lair is a majestic monument connecting our noble history with the promising future. Starting from the statue of deified Field Marshal Manekshaw, the Tiranga Lair will lead us to the entrance of the Headquarters.

Lieutenant General Ajai Kumar Singh, AVSM, YSM, SM, VSM, General Officer Commanding in Chief, Southern Command, inaugurated the action on India’s 77th Independence Day, marking a major step towards securing the terrain and showcasing the Indian Army’s commitment toward serving the nation and conserving biodiversity.

The anticipated issues of the Tiranga Lair include bettered biodiversity conservation, increased mindfulness about ecological preservation, and settings standard for sustainable development on military lands.

We hare recognized to be part of this major action. As a heartiness company, we have always prioritized environmental responsibility and community outreach through our’s Care for Earth’s action. Our collaboration with the Indian Army is a testament to our participated commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices. Joining hands with the Indian Army in this noble bid strengthens our resoluteness to contribute to a greener, healthier future. We hope that by supporting this major biodiversity design and the construction of the Tiranga Lair, we will be suitable to raise mindfulness about the need for maintaining nature’s cornucopia and promoting green enterprise shares K G Umesh, Director- Human coffers, at Himalaya Wellness Company. Himalaya Wellness Company remains loyal in supporting similar innovative environmental sweats. The Company is committed to making a positive impact on the terrain.

About Himalaya Wellness Company :

In 1930, a youthful visionary by the name ofMr.M. Manal forefelt the benefits of herbal remedies while riding through the timbers girding Deharadun. After diligently probing the wisdom of the traditional field of Ayurveda, he decided to devote his life creating products that would ameliorate millions of lives across the world. moment, with a history gauging further than nine decades in herbal exploration, Himalaya has deposited itself as a brand that cares about not only perfecting people’s lives but also the terrain. With their head- to-heel range of products, Himalaya aims to give a holistic result to everyday affections.strained in a heritage of probing nature, Himalaya has successfully been suitable to harness the wisdom of Ayurveda through slice- edge exploration to come a brand that’s safe, efficient, and secure.

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