Chennai's Pride: Nokia's Telecom Gear Production Reaches 7 Million

By Ritwik Ghosh,Kolkata India


India’s Business Landscape Thrives as Nokia’s Chennai Factory Elevates 5G Telecom Gear Manufacturing.

Foundr Magazine INDIA Celebrates Nokia Chennai Plant’s Monumental Achievement: 7 Million Telecom Units Produced

In a momentous milestone that fills India with pride, Nokia, the Finnish telecommunications giant, proudly announces the achievement of 7 million telecom network gear units produced at its illustrious Chennai plant. This colossal feat reflects Nokia’s steadfast commitment to fostering local talent and boosting India’s burgeoning telecom equipment manufacturing sector.

Nokia’s Chennai Plant: A 15-Year Success Story

Nokia’s Chennai facility, established 15 years ago, stands as a beacon of innovation and manufacturing excellence. As one of Nokia’s largest global factories, it has significantly contributed to India’s telecom equipment manufacturing capabilities. Foundr Magazine acknowledges this remarkable journey of Nokia’s Chennai plant, a testament to India’s potential on the global stage.

Diverse Telecom Equipment Production

The Chennai plant is a versatile hub, manufacturing a wide array of cutting-edge telecom equipment. From 5G New Radio (5G NR) components to 5G massive MIMO products, 4G (LTE) radios, and fiber broadband equipment, the factory caters to diverse technology needs. Foundr Magazine recognizes the significance of this versatility, showcasing India’s role in advancing technology solutions.

Enhanced Localization and Global Exports

Notably, Nokia has made substantial strides in enhancing the localization of components within its 5G equipment manufacturing process. This achievement, marked by a two-fold increase compared to previous years, underscores Nokia’s dedication to India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. The result is a resounding success story that India can be proud of.

Pioneering 5G Telecom Gear Manufacturing

Even before the rollout of 5G networks in India, Nokia had the foresight to kickstart the manufacturing of 5G telecom gear on Indian soil. This pioneering move exemplifies Nokia’s commitment to India’s tech ecosystem, and Foundr Magazine acknowledges the strategic vision that led to this groundbreaking decision.

Nokia’s Global Manufacturing Excellence

Teemu Toiviainen, Head of Global Manufacturing & EMS Management at Nokia, commends India’s remarkable talent pool, stating, “Our Chennai factory is a testament to the skill and expertise of Indian talent. From being the first to manufacture 5G NR in India to now producing 5G massive MIMO products and transport network elements, we have come a long way.” Foundr Magazine highlights the synergy between global innovation and local proficiency.

India’s Role in Nokia’s Global Success

India has now become Nokia’s third-largest business region, and its financial growth is nothing short of astounding. In the June quarter of 2023, Nokia reported an impressive 333% surge in sales in India, amounting to approximately Rs 9,500 crore. This remarkable growth underscores the pivotal role that India plays in Nokia’s global operations.

Sustainable Manufacturing with Green Energy

Nokia’s commitment to sustainability shines brightly at its India factory. The Chennai plant operates with wind and solar energy, contributing up to 81% of its green energy consumption. Furthermore, Nokia is on a mission to scale this figure to 100% by 2025, aligning with India’s commitment to a greener future. Foundr Magazine applauds Nokia’s dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Foundr Magazine is honored to celebrate the triumphs of Nokia’s Chennai plant, which has not only achieved a monumental manufacturing milestone but has also played a pivotal role in India’s technological journey. This achievement is a testament to the talent and potential that India offers to the global business landscape.

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