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All state India recognized as DEI Champions 2023 by NASSCOM

Allstate India has entered the DEI titleholders 2023 Award for Excellence in Women Addition at the 15th Edition of the NASSCOM Global Addition Summit.

The award recognizes associations that parade maturity with respect to DEI practices for women's advancement.

Associations were estimated as per three criteria DEI content, shadowing, and inclusive vision. Allstate India showcased how it created inclusive practices across the diversity diapason with a further holistic approach. Its inclusive programs, benefits as well as hiring and retention practices were crucial contributors for this award.

Three programs highlight Allstate India's impact through different metrics, like internal survey scores, program adoption statistics, and employee feedback:

• AllMama which provides new and awaiting maters with 18 months of support, aiding them during gestation with physical and internal health benefits. It facilitates a smooth transition back to work with extended support and gradational progression.

• Allstate India's chapter Allstate Women's I Network( AWIN) is an hand impact group that nurtures women leaders throughout the association. AWIN helps with networking, knowledge sharing, and collective support, so women can hoist each other and achieve professional success.

• Allstate India empowers women from underserved communities through training in exploitable chops, while womanish scholars from pastoral backgrounds get financial auspices and guidance to take advanced education courses.

“Empowering women to thrive means acclimatizing programs and programs consequently. DEI is integrated into our policy design and decision timber. Our programs not only accommodate, but authentically empower women to excel” said Chetan Garga, Managing Director, Allstate India.

About Allstate India :

The Allstate Corporation is one of the largest intimately held insurance providers in the United States. RankedNo. 84 in the 2023 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States pots by total profit, The Allstate Corporation owns and operates 18 companies in the United States, Canada, Northern Ireland, and
India. Allstate India Private Limited, also known as Allstate India, is a attachment of The Allstate Corporation. The India gift centre was set up in 2012 and operates under the pot's

Good Hands promise. As it innovates operations and technology, Allstate India has evolved beyond its technology functions to be the critical strategic business services arm of the pot. With services in Bengaluru and Pune, the company offers moxie to the parent association's business areas, including technology and invention; account and imaging services; policy administration; metamorphosis result design and support services; metamorphosis of property liability service design; global operations and integration; and training and transition.

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