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Genocare India

Mr. Shamim Andrabi is the key person and founder of Genequest Diagnostic Private Limited, formerly known as Genocare India. He originally belonged to Kashmir and he completed his Schooling at the Govt. School in Ratnipora, Kashmir.

Genequest Diagnostic pvt.Ltd

He had a deep passion for agriculture for which he pursued his B.sc in Agriculture from Agra University and his post-graduation in Seed Science and Technology from Bundelkhand University. He then worked in a call centre after which he joined a Seed Development company for a year. Then, he left Delhi and went back to Kashmir and joined the Department of Agriculture for 3 years. He then joined a diagnostic company for 5 years as a Marketing Manager and Application Specialist.

In 2016, he introduced his own Company Genocare India with the goal of “Simplifying Diagnostics”. After 3 months, the first order was received from SKIIMS, Srinagar. Then the next order after 6 months from another lab, and then gradually everything started effectively.

As observed, the global economy is perilously close to falling into recession. This year, the world economy is set to grow at the third weakest pace in nearly three decades, overshadowed only by the recessions caused by the pandemic and global financial crisis.

Being Ethical, keeping the inventory up to date, satisfactory after-the-sale service, and uncompromised quality irrespective of any price competition. Lastly, keeping up to date with various advanced technology and updates.

Initially, the flow of resources was a very big challenge. Also, after the pandemic, the price drop of RT PCR kits was another major recognised challenge.

Fostering Innovation of Genocare India

Innovations in the Diagnostic field are emerging day by day. PCR is a gold standard of testing but recently there have been several new technologies like the Sanger Sequencing and NGS. The considered Technologies, Sanger and NGS, provide state-of-the-art technology to determine genetic and cancer diseases. Also, by utilising these innovations in future, people would come to know what diseases they might develop in the future and what precautions they need to take.

Open mind, self-competition, open to challenges, accepting the shortcomings and positively working on them with an attitude to improve and move forward. Lastly, to let colleague handle the business effectively.

Genequest Diagnostic Private Limited always use trusted brands to manufacture or get customised diagnostic products. The goal of the company is to provide a good quality product that’s why the company always perform the EQAS program to justify the product to increase the credibility of the product. The prices are very reasonable and also the company’s after-sale service is quite impressive. However, before releasing a batch of products, the company performs QC in R&D.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most people came to know about Real-Time PCR technology. Before COVID-19, only certain Professional people knew what PCR was as the Diagnostic Sector had a boost in COVID-19, all kinds of traders started Importing PCR kits though the sector did not know the basics of PCR technology.  During the Pandemic, COVID-19 detection kits were developed and manufactured in bulk and cost was dropping drastically. But after the Pandemic, there was a decline in prices as people had plenty of stock and so they started giving in very low prices. Due to this, the customers started negotiating the prices of other PCR products. The company also uses a very high-grade enzyme with high fidelity which makes it costlier than the others. Other companies use very low-grade enzymes like normal MLV enzyme which does not have high Fidelity which has created a big challenge of competition among the others.

Apart from this, as many companies have come up with other POC, PCR and other innovative products that can deliver patient reports within an hour of sampling. Such products can boost healthcare and reduce the risk of patient deaths.

Stay Updated On Industry Trends

The company always provide a hard as well as a soft copy of their products to their clients. Also, in addition, they post all their updates on social media.

From working in a company with minimum assets to building up his own company with all available resources and technicality. Building “gXtract™” the brand for Nuclei Acid Extraction kits is one of the milestones that has made its name. Also, in addition, the company have started manufacturing IVD RT PCR kits in collaboration with Lorven Biologicals Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad under “Geneplex” brand.

Advice To Young Entrepreneurs And Business Leaders

Taking up challenges needs to be done with believing in themselves and God. To move on a path with an open mind and hang the path that will flourish with dedication and effort.

Importance Of Global Collaboration

The world has witnessed a very significant shift in the way the generation approaches problem-solving and innovation. Globalization and advances in technology have made it much better and easier for organizations of all types to connect with partners across borders. Also, as a result of these, the partnership has transcended geographical boundaries that have become increasingly important in many of the most pressing issues facing the world today. It is too complex and multifaceted to be addressed by a single entity. Climate change, pandemics, poverty, and technological disruptions all require coordinated global efforts. Effective Global collaborations have enabled a pooling of resources, knowledge, and expertise, amplifying the impact of individual entities.

Collaboration on a global scale also opens up new and better opportunities. They also provide access to markets, talent and resources that would be difficult to tap into otherwise. By partnering with organisations in different regions, business can expand their customer base and gain local market insights. Similarly, academic institutions can enhance their research through cross-border cooperation and whole non-profits can access additional funding Sources.

However, the introduction of NGS/ Sanger Sequencing, POCT PCR and CRISPR in the field of diagnostics in the business is the main focus for future outcomes.

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