Experience the Future of Electric Scooters with Ola's Move OS4 Update for S1 Series

By Ritwik Ghosh,Kolkata India

Future of Electric Scooters with Ola's Move

The Latest Innovations in Ola’s Move OS4 Software for S1 Electric Scooters Ola Electric takes a quantum leap forward with the recent update of its Move OS4 software, bringing forth an array of cutting-edge features for the S1 series. This update introduces Ola Maps for precision in navigation, Hill Descent Control, cruise control in Eco mode, and a plethora of enhancements in ride statistics, call settings, and the intriguing ‘Moods’ feature. Dive into the details to discover the transformative upgrades in the Ola S1 electric scooter lineup.

In this epoch of technological evolution, Ola has revolutionized its S1 series with the advent of Move OS4. Noteworthy among the changes is the transition from Map My India to the in-house developed Ola Maps, ensuring swifter rerouting and more precise location guidance. Users can now revel in detailed turn-by-turn instructions and real-time updates throughout their journey, elevating the navigational experience.

Beyond the realm of navigation, Ola introduces Geofencing and Timefencing features, empowering users to define specific boundaries and timeframes for scooter usage. This meticulous control extends to the revamped user interface, encompassing ride statistics, call settings, favorites-only calling, and the introduction of the novel ‘Moods’ feature.

Delving into the technical domain, Ola’s S1 electric scooter undergoes remarkable improvements, boasting a faster hypercharger, enhanced accuracy in charging time predictions, and upgraded regenerative braking. Innovations like Hill Hold Descent Control, cruise control in Eco mode, and a refined tripmeter contribute to an enriched riding experience.

On the user interface front, Ola’s claims of improvements are substantiated through faster touch response, seamless document and contact synchronization, and the added convenience of energy insights, biometric app lock, app widgets, increased range, personalized proximity, auto turn-off indicator, headphone call control, and a vacation mode accessible through the app. These collective updates position the S1 electric scooter range as a sophisticated and user-centric choice for riders.

With the introduction of Concert Mode and intuitive headphone music control, Ola Electric ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for S1 scooter users. The incorporation of ride mode limitations guarantees the safety and appropriateness of secondary users, marking a significant stride towards responsible scooter usage. The Ola Electric S1 series, comprising the S1X (2kWh), S1X (3kWh), S1X Plus, S1 Air, and the S1 Pro, stands as a testament to Ola’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

The Ola Move OS4 update metamorphoses the S1 series into a tech-savvy and feature-rich electric scooter lineup. Ola’s unwavering dedication to advancement and innovation solidifies the S1 series as a compelling choice in the competitive electric scooter market.

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