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Frugal Testing: Embarking on the Professional Journey

Frugal Testing has emerged as India’s most reliable software testing company in recent times. The company has been providing top-notch services in software testing since 2016.  The organisation has achieved this milestone by focusing on threefold approaches and these are meticulous attention to detail, a relentless pursuit of innovation, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Embarking on the Professional Journey: Frugal Testing

Rupesh Garg, the company’s founder & CEO, has extensive experience in technical and management fields over the past two decades, acted as Architect/Technical Advisor in varied Fortune 500 companies. He gained a lot of experience working in diverse verticals like banking, tech, and Fintech. He possesses vast experience in conceptualizing, creating, releasing, and maintaining successful products, besides designing and implementing solutions to evaluate and improve performance in addition to the scalability of SaaS / Cloud-Native Platforms, applications, and Infrastructure. His ability to approach things entrepreneurially led his company to capture enormous success and fame. 

Frugal Testing leads other organizations in building high-performance software by providing end-to-end testing services. Frugal Testing domain professionals and testing specialists possess the right knowledge about the excellence of testing softwares. 

The Motivation that Begins the Software Testing Journey


Rupesh Garg was inspired partly by an outstanding incident at NASA. He noticed that a mission faced failure due to software bugs. The incident made him feel that even monumental projects could stumble due to minor issues. He felt inspired to build a career in software testing, leading to opportunities with various companies all over the world particularly within the financial sector.

Leadership Style to Achieve Success

The leadership approach at Frugal Testing is deeply rooted in the philosophy of leading by example and the development of cultural innovation. The organization has made progress with the help of continuous learning.

To achieve success, Frugal Testing follows the areas below. 

Empowering the Team

The team members of the company get immense support in exploring the different projects with the freedom to explore. They also get the opportunity to innovate and take ownership of their projects. This empowerment is accompanied by providing a compassionate environment that inspires risk-taking and learning from failures and it helps the team members to cultivate as a team to gain more skills. 

Continuous Learning

The team at Frugal Testing believes in continuous learning.  The technology background is constantly developing, and hence, the team needs to stay updated always to achieve success in the huge competition. So, commitment to continuous learning and improvement is important to achieve success. The company invests in the professional development of the team through ongoing training, certifications, and access to the latest tools and technologies. It helps the team members to get equipped with the changing environment and technicalities. 

Prosperity with Diversity

The team recognizes that diversity helps develop standpoints and philosophies, which is essential for nurturing innovation. Frugal Testing’s leadership style endorses a comprehensive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. This strategy not only augments the technicians’ creativity and problem-solving capabilities but also reflects in the personalized solutions they provide to all valued customers.

Constructing Associations

Another significant approach to leadership that Frugal Testing follows is to grow strong, transparent relationships with all clients, partners, and the broader community. The team highlights maintaining open communication with their valued customers. This helps to get feedback constantly and resolve problems faster. 

Driving Modernization

The team of Frugal Testing continuously discovers new practices, tools, and know-how to enhance the services and offer the utmost satisfaction to the customers. This forward-thinking mindset permits the professionals of the organization to offer brand-new solutions to resolve all challenges.

Challenges Faced 


The emergence of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns was the prime challenge that team members of Frugal Testing faced. The team of Frugal Testing faced this challenge with an inclusive strategy that prioritizes customer contentment at every stage. The company collaborated with a leading Fintech firm, and this project truly reflected its dedication to excellence, innovation, and client well-being. The project aimed to support 20,000 simultaneous operators without compromising on performance. 

Services that Frugal Testing Offers

The professionals understand the complex situations that different companies face while they use different software. The technicians of Frugal Testing assist organizations in developing the productivity of web applications to produce more proceeds and defend the website from crashing under load.  Frugal Testing offers extensive range of Top-tier services, including 

  • – Automation Testing


  • – Performance Testing
  • – Functional Testing
  • – Security Testing
  • – Regression Testing
  • – Compatibility Testing
  • – Mobile Testing
  • – Voice Testing
  • – API Testing
  • – Wearable Testing

In addition to these services, Frugal Testing provides a broad spectrum of other specialized testing solutions designed to address the unique requirements of diverse industries.

Strategies Behind the Success


Frugal Testing acknowledges the essential role technology plays in the sphere of software testing. The professionals pay attention to the following strategies that help them to gain huge success. 

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

The team has integrated automated testing frameworks equipped with AI capabilities to enhance accuracy and efficiency. This allows us to perform more tests in less time, with greater precision.

Non-stop Integration/ Deployment (CI/CD)

The team embeds the testing processes within CI/CD pipelines, and this ensures fast testing and validation whenever any code changes. Consequently, it helps reduce the time spent on marketing and increases the excellence of the final product.

Highly Acclaimed Projects


The Frugal team worked with excellence in many projects for many reputed clients like Yatra, Cred, Paytm, Dubai Airports, Emirates, etc. The top projects include-

Collaboration with Fintech Firm– 

The experts of the Frugal team carried on the scalability assessment and performance optimization for Fintech’s web application. It ensued that the platform can support 20,000 concurrent users without compromising on performance. 

The Frugal team identified and addressed three major failure points: slow database queries, insufficient server capacity, and blocked calls by external servers. They have enhanced the application’s responsiveness and load capability by optimizing application server performance and refining the MySQL database architecture.

Collaboration with Abu-Dhabi-based merchant management Firm– 

The e-commerce company sought the assistance of the Frugal team to do the necessary vulnerability Assessment. Professionals focused on enhancing the security framework of their multifaceted hierarchy-based system. Frugal team aimed to refine access control and ensure proper establishment of a strong authentication system to protect personally identifiable information (PII). This approach also ensures the integrity of their SSL certificates.

Collaboration with a Government mobile app—

The mobile app is designed to facilitate easy UPI transactions across India. Frugal team carried out an assessment to check whether the system was performing seamlessly or not. The professionals carried out extensive tests depending on varied scenarios. They have done the testing across 8 languages, and accuracy range is 60% to 95%, which is absolutely remarkable. 

Frugal Testing- Aspirations and Future Growth 


The future vision at Frugal Testing is entirely rooted in enhancing the core values and practices that play a vital role in developing the entire system. The team focuses on delivering extraordinary value through dependability, competence, and flexibility. Frugal Testing also pays focus on education and skill development within the team members. 

The professionals of Frugal Testing aim to build the principles of superiority, integrity, and constant enhancement. The future goals include increasing the client base, expanding the service offerings, and strengthening the company’s position as a one-stop solution for end-to-end software testing.


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