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CAPELLA BANGKOK: Get A Look At The New Capella Bangkok

CAPELLA BANGKOK: squeezed between the Thai capital’s ‘ River of lords ’, the Chao Phraya, and one of the megacity’s most literal roads – Charoenkrung – a high position is only one of numerous estimable attributes Capella Bangkok can stake claim to.


It’s a balmy Friday autumn when I check into my Riverside Villa at Capella Bangkok – one of only six at this civic resort – for a staycation, and I incontinently feel right at home. With a view of the swash and 259 square meters of inner and out-of-door space, an indulgingly opulent experience is on the cards, affirmed by the bottle of house Champagne cooling in an ice pail alongside a handwritten hello note from the hostel’s General Manager, John Blanco. The hustle and bustle of the megacity is another world down, as I take in the soothing sights and sounds of the swash right in front of me.

The manor itself is an exercise in fine taste; light and bright, oozing with contemporary charm and gently invested with Thai accentuations – like the framed Thai script which I assume must be poetry. There’s nothing relatively like these shorefront estates in Bangkok, making them a unique experience. penetrated via a private entrance, a sense of exclusivity and sequestration prevails. It’s a bona fide hearthstone, really, with a separate living room and dining room big enough to entertain eight people, decked out with top-shelf amenities and round-the-timepiece, personalized service. It’s a Capella hostel, after all. The same can also be said of all 101 of the property’s apartments, suites, and estates.

Once I’ve familiarised myself with my painlessly swish weekend residence – the jacuzzi plunge pool and a brace of daybeds under a Thai sala right at the swash’s edge amidst lush verdure are high on the to-do list – I’m putrefied with choices galore. But first, it’s worth mentioning that guests staying in these estates are entitled to a complimentary return luxury field transfer, heartiness massage on appearance, diurnal ‘ Apero ’ service( happy hour amalgamations served in-manor), and the forenamed bottle of house Champagne.

As if I’m not formerly ensconced in pure happiness, I’m introduced to a “ Capella Culturist ” – nearly between a particular concierge and a tuned-in original expert who look after every element of manor guests ’ experience. These could include walking tenures of Bangkok’s miscellaneous original café culture, reserving a private contemplation session with the head monk of a 250- time-old tabernacle, and participating the stylish dishes to order at Michelin- starred food booths along Charoenkrung Road – the megacity’s oldest paved road, and all of it right on the hostel’s doorstep. The “ culturists ” are consulted with at the Living Room, Capella Bangkok’s personality chesterfield, where evening amalgamations can also be enjoyed.

With so numerous artistic charms to discover in the area – both along the swash and in this fascinating heritage quarter – the real challenge is fitting it all in and tearing yourself down( from the hostel). At Auriga Wellness, acclimatized heartiness results are at the core of this hand gym sanctuary’s gospel. It’s a comforting enclave where every guest’s path of revivification is counterplotted out in view of your individual requirements. A stint of the hostel’s precisely curated art collection – scattered throughout the property – is an experience in itself, favouring workshop from some of Thailand’s most fulfilled and over- and- coming artists. A hearty breakfast is served at Phra Nakhon with its setting by the swash, doubling as a lunch or dining experience where authentic Thai cookery is on offer. One- Michelin starred Côte by Mauro Colagreco is a favourite among savorers – a top- notch Riviera- inspired dining experience, conceptualised by three- Michelin- star cook Mauro Colagreco. And also there’s Stella; a glamorous, Instagram-friendly oceanfront salon that serves as patisserie by day and blend bar at night. Circumscribing off this exceptional hospitality experience is the kind of superlative service Capella is so famed for; harmonious, and at every guest touchpoint. It’s the ideal place for sapient trippers to enjoy all the luxuries they’re habituated to at home, while immersing themselves in all the effects that make Bangkok such an exhilarating destination it’s history, it’s present, and little hints of the future thrown in for good measure.

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