Zoho CEO Ventures into Hardware with New Power Tool Startup Karuvi

By Ritwik Ghosh,Kolkata India

Zoho CEO Ventures into Hardware with New Power Tool Startup Karuvi

Sridhar Vembu, the CEO of Indian software giant Zoho, has launched a new venture named Karuvi. This mechatronics startup, meaning “instrument” or “tool” in Tamil, will design and manufacture a range of consumer and industrial power tools.

Inspired by Creating Rural Jobs:

The idea for Karuvi emerged from a meeting between Vembu and Abdul Gafoor, founder of Mr Light Global. Gafoor, impressed by Zoho, proposed the company manufacture handheld tools. While initially hesitant due to a lack of experience, Vembu was drawn to the potential for job creation in rural areas. This encounter sparked the creation of Karuvi, which began with a small engineering team and reflects Zoho’s spirit of innovation.

Karuvi’s Power Tool Lineup:

Karuvi plans to offer a variety of power tools, including angle grinders, drills, and saws. Their website also suggests future expansion into batteries, hand tools, and accessories. The company aims to build a strong distribution network through professionals and authorized dealers.

Building a Manufacturing Ecosystem:

Uniquely, Karuvi is establishing its manufacturing facilities in Tenkasi, the same location as Zoho’s headquarters. This strategic move suggests potential integration between the two entities. The decision to manufacture in Tenkasi aligns with a broader vision to innovate within the factory space.

Zoho’s Expanding Portfolio:

Karuvi marks a significant addition to Zoho’s existing portfolio of software solutions across various sectors. Despite a modest increase in net profit, Zoho’s overall revenue grew 30% year-on-year, demonstrating continued global expansion, with North America being the largest contributor. This growth comes alongside significant investments in employee benefits, advertising, and data center expenses.

Here’s a possible table listing some educated guesses about Zoho CEO’s future plans for 2024:

Bereich (Area)

Possible Plans



Karuvi (Power Tools)

* Expand product line beyond initial offerings (angle grinders, drills, saws) to include batteries, hand tools, and accessories. * Establish a strong distribution network in India and potentially other markets. * Leverage Zoho’s existing infrastructure and expertise for efficient manufacturing and operations.

The website hints at future expansion, and a robust network is crucial for success. Tenkasi’s facility location suggests potential integration with Zoho’s ecosystem.


Zoho Software

* Continue global expansion, focusing on North America (current largest contributor). * Invest in research and development to enhance existing software solutions and explore new markets. * Increase focus on cloud-based offerings to cater to the growing demand for remote work solutions.

Zoho’s revenue growth indicates continued global expansion plans. Investment in R&D is essential to stay competitive. Cloud-based solutions are increasingly popular.


Manufacturing Innovation

* Utilize the Tenkasi facility to experiment with innovative manufacturing processes for Karuvi and potentially other Zoho ventures. * Focus on automation and efficiency to optimize production. * Explore possibilities of integrating hardware and software solutions for a more holistic product offering.

The decision to manufacture in Tenkasi suggests a vision for factory space innovation. Integration between Karuvi and Zoho software could be an interesting direction.


Talent Acquisition

* Invest in attracting and retaining top tech talent to support growth across Zoho and Karuvi. * Offer competitive employee benefits and a positive work culture. * Focus on training and development programs to upskill the workforce.

The significant increase in employee benefit costs in FY23 suggests a focus on talent acquisition. A skilled workforce is crucial for maintaining growth.

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