Google Shifts Core Jobs to India Amid Global Restructuring

By Ritwik Ghosh,Kolkata India

Google Shifts Core Jobs to India Amid Global Restructuring

Google is set to transfer certain job roles from its ‘core’ teams in the United States to India, according to reports. Internal documents obtained by CNBC reveal that the tech giant has terminated at least 200 employees from its core teams and intends to relocate these roles to India and Mexico as part of a restructuring initiative. Approximately 50 of the eliminated positions were in engineering at Google’s offices in Sunnyvale, California.

The core unit oversees the technical underpinnings of the company’s flagship products and is tasked with ensuring user safety online. This includes roles such as Python developers, technical infrastructure, security foundation, app platforms, core developers, and various engineering positions. The layoffs have reportedly impacted the governance and protected data group as well.

Google confirmed the restructuring to CNBC, stating that affected employees will have the opportunity to apply for open roles within Google and access outplacement services. A spokesperson for the company emphasized that they are investing responsibly in their top priorities and future opportunities, streamlining operations, and realigning resources with product priorities.

The decision to shift jobs to India is likely motivated by cost-cutting measures and operational efficiency. Factors such as AI-driven automation and regulatory challenges may have also influenced the company’s restructuring efforts. While the number of jobs being relocated to India is expected to be relatively small, this move will reinforce India’s position as a key global base for Google, with new hires handling the company’s key offerings.

India has long been an attractive destination for global tech companies due to its high-quality and cost-effective talent pool. Google’s decision to tap into its India offices follows similar moves by other tech giants. Apple, for instance, plans to shift at least half of its existing supply chain from China to India, creating 500,000 non-technical direct jobs in the country over the next three years. Amazon India also aims to generate 2 million jobs by digitizing 10 million small businesses.

This development comes after several big tech companies carried out mass layoffs at their India offices in the past year. Google laid off 400-500 employees, while Meta and Amazon terminated 100 and 1,000 employees, respectively.


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