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India's Fastest Growing Brand from Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India, the Indian adaptation of the popular reality show, has become a launchpad for innovative entrepreneurs. With its unique format where budding businesses pitch their ideas to a panel of successful investors (Sharks), the show has not only entertained viewers but also witnessed the rise of some remarkable brands. But which one has achieved the most explosive growth?

India's Fastest-Growing Brand from Shark Tank India

The Contenders: Hammer Lifestyle vs. TagZ Foods

While several companies have seen significant success after appearing on Shark Tank India, two contenders stand out for their phenomenal growth trajectory: Hammer Lifestyle and TagZ Foods.

  1. Hammer Lifestyle: From Smart Gadgets to Exponential Growth

Hammer Lifestyle, founded in 2019 by Rohit Nandwani is an athleisure electronics wearable brand offering a range of innovative products. From stylish smartwatches and headphones to grooming accessories, Hammer caters to the growing demand for tech-integrated fitness and lifestyle products.

Pre-Shark Tank: Before entering the Shark Tank India arena in Season 1, Hammer already had a presence in the market. However, their monthly revenue was around ₹70 lakh, and their website traffic was moderate.

The Pitch that Impressed: The founders impressed the Sharks with their sleek product designs, focus on affordability, and clear brand vision. They secured a deal with Peyush Bansal and Aman Gupta for an undisclosed amount in exchange for a small equity stake.

Post-Show Explosion: Following their Shark Tank India appearance, Hammer Lifestyle witnessed a meteoric rise. Their monthly revenue reportedly skyrocketed to a staggering ₹2 crore, a near three-fold increase! Their website traffic also went up exponentially, multiplying by a factor of five. Hammer expanded their product line and distribution channels, making them a prominent player in the Indian wearables market.

  1. TagZ Foods: Guilt-Free Snacking Takes Off

TagZ Foods, established in 2019 by Anish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia, is a Kolkata-based brand offering a healthier alternative to traditional potato chips. Their popped potato chips, marketed as a “guilt-free” snack, quickly gained traction amongst health-conscious consumers.

Pre-Shark Tank: Prior to their appearance on Shark Tank India Season 2, TagZ Foods had a growing customer base but faced challenges in scaling up production.

A Winning Pitch: The founders’ passionate presentation and focus on creating a healthier snack option resonated with the Sharks. Ashneer Grover emerged as the investor, offering ₹70 lakh for a 2.75% equity stake.

Post-Show Growth: The deal with Ashneer Grover, along with the national exposure from Shark Tank India, proved to be a game-changer for TagZ Foods. Their sales reportedly tripled post-show, necessitating the expansion of their manufacturing units. TagZ capitalized on the increased brand awareness to solidify their position in the healthy snacking market.

Other Notable Success Stories

Beyond the exceptional growth of Hammer Lifestyle and TagZ Foods, several other companies have also achieved remarkable success after appearing on Shark Tank India. Here’s a closer look at two such brands:

  • Skippi Ice Pops (founded by Anuja Kabra and Ravi Kabra): This brand, known for its innovative room-temperature popsicles, revolutionized the frozen treat market. Prior to their appearance in Season 1, Skippi Ice Pops had a regional presence with monthly sales of around ₹4-5 lakh. Their pitch, highlighting the convenience and unique textures of their popsicles, resonated with all the Sharks, leading to a remarkable deal. The Sharks collectively invested ₹1 crore for a 15% equity stake.

Post-Shark Tank Boom: The investment and national exposure from Shark Tank India propelled Skippi Ice Pops to new heights. Their sales reportedly multiplied by a factor of 14, reaching a staggering ₹70 lakh per month! Their website traffic surged from a modest 150 visits daily to a whopping 8,000 visitors. This massive increase in brand awareness led to Skippi expanding their distribution beyond India, reaching international markets like Kuwait, Hong Kong, Dubai, Uganda, and Nepal.

  • The Sass Bar (founded by Aanchal Chhabra): Founded in 2019, The Sass Bar specializes in creating innovative, handcrafted bodycare products. Their focus on vegan milk bath cleansers and paraben-free, cruelty-free, and plant-based ingredients resonated with a growing segment of eco-conscious consumers. Appearing on Season 2 of Shark Tank India provided The Sass Bar with a platform to showcase their unique offerings.

A Winning Formula: While the exact details of the deal The Sass Bar secured are not publicly available, their Shark Tank India appearance undoubtedly played a significant role in their success. The national exposure and association with the show boosted brand awareness and consumer trust in their commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

Post-Show Growth: Following their Shark Tank India appearance, The Sass Bar reportedly witnessed a substantial rise in monthly sales. They capitalized on the increased brand recognition to solidify their position in the natural and vegan skincare market.

The Shark Tank Effect

The phenomenal growth of these companies can be attributed partly to the “Shark Tank Effect.” Appearing on the show provides entrepreneurs with a national platform to showcase their ideas, gain valuable feedback from successful investors, and potentially secure funding. The association with Shark Tank India also boosts brand awareness and consumer trust.

Shark Tank India has undoubtedly become a breeding ground for entrepreneurial success in India. The show’s unique format not only entertains viewers but also empowers innovative businesses to reach new heights. While several brands have benefitted from the platform, Hammer Lifestyle and TagZ Foods stand out for their explosive post-show growth. Their journeys, alongside the success stories of Skippi Ice Pops and The Sass Bar, highlight the transformative power of Shark Tank India and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs across the nation.


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