Top 3 Nations How India Spearheaded a 5G Revolution and Reigned Supreme Remarkable: Nokia CEO

By Ritwik Ghosh,Kolkata India


Amidst a backdrop of dwindling telecom gear shipments across major geographies, India’s meteoric 5G rollout has not only defied the odds but showcased astounding growth. Foundr Magazine takes a closer look at the statistics behind India’s 5G ascent, with a bonus on the launch of Nokia’s 6G research lab.

India’s Surging 5G Revolution India’s push for 5G technology has emerged as an unparalleled success story. The country has experienced one of the fastest telecom network rollouts globally, ushering in a new era where India ranks among the top three nations worldwide for 5G infrastructure. Acknowledgment from Nokia’s Top Official Nokia’s President and CEO, Pekka Lundmark, was all praise for India’s exceptional journey into 5G. He underscored the significance of this accomplishment and marveled at the lightning-fast 5G download speeds India now boasts, rivaling even the most advanced global markets. India’s Role in Countering Global Telecom Gear Shipment Decline As global telecom gear shipments face a downturn, India has stepped up as a beacon of hope, particularly for companies like Ericsson and Nokia. Nokia’s remarkable 333% surge in India sales, amounting to ₹9,500 crore in the June quarter of 2023, is a testament to this.

 A Bright Financial Outlook The future of India’s telecommunications landscape looks promising. Financial reports suggest that Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel are gearing up to invest a staggering ₹75,000 crore this fiscal year to fortify their networks. This massive investment, as per JM Financials’ report, will be deployed with an initial focus on achieving their 5G network rollout objectives.

India recently saw the virtual inauguration of Nokia’s pioneering 6G research lab, attended by Union Telecom Minister Ashwini Vishnaw. This unique initiative aims to fast-track the development of fundamental technologies and innovative use cases that leverage the power of 6G technology, catering to the needs of both industries and society.

Last month, India’s vision to have ubiquitous coverage under 6G technology was accepted by UN body ITU’s Study Group in its meeting held in Geneva, a move that is expected to reduce the cost of deployment of the next-generation technology.

While there has been a decline in telecom gear shipment across major geographies, the 5G rollout in India has been able to offset a dip in the business of Ericsson and Nokia.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) decides on the development of international mobile telecommunication standards after coordination with its member countries, technology companies, and other stakeholders.

Nokia’s experts at its Bengaluru center will support India’s ambition to make notable contributions towards global 6G technology standards. Further, it is in the process of building research collaborations with premier research institutes in India like IISc and IITs to further scale up the 6G research initiative in India.

Sensing will be fully integrated into the wireless network and operate simultaneously with communication services.

In the 6G era, ‘Network as a Sensor’ has been identified as a key enabling technology that supports the vision of bringing the digital and physical worlds together, Nokia said in a statement.

The lab includes a setup to research ‘Network as a Sensor’ technology that enables the network to sense objects, people, and movement without the need for onboard sensors.

Nokia’s 6G lab will function as a platform for collaboration among industry stakeholders and facilitate the testing of innovative solutions while establishing their potential for commercialization.

The 5G network rollout in India has been remarkable and the country is among the top three nations with the largest 5G installed base in the world, a top Nokia official said on Thursday.

“5G rollout in India is truly remarkable. This has been one of the fastest telecom network roll-outs ever and means India is now among the top three countries in the world that have the largest 5G installed base, with 5G download speeds beating those found in many advanced markets,” Lundmark said.

Foundr Magazine Analysis:

India’s rise in the 5G landscape not only showcases its technological prowess but also the nation’s potential as a global leader in the digital age. The statistics reflect a burgeoning sector that is sure to shape India’s future as a technological powerhouse.

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